Chapter 37

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Jeongin didn't go to school the next day. Or the day after. Luckily the weekend rolled around quickly but it didn't make any difference. Jeongin stayed where he had been for the past few days. Since he came home one evening soaking wet, crying and wanting nothing than never seeing the outside world again. 

Both Felix and his Mother were worried about him. Especially since that day he had disappeared from school, only to return home hours later in a fit of hysterics. His mother had taken the next day of work to make sure her son was alright. But of course, he wasn't. Physically he was fine, it was a miracle he hadn't caught a cold. But emotionally he was broken. 

Jeongin mum had just managed to decipher what had happened, through the sobs and the sniffles, and was trying her best to help her son through it. Of course, he was suffering from the worst illness. Heartbreak. But Mrs Yang knew the best remedies having suffered a few time from heartbreak herself. So she stocked up on tissues and ice cream and prepared to hug her son until he was 21. 

They worked of course. The next few days were spent sitting in the living room watched crap movies eating ice cream and crying. It broke Mrs Yang's heart to see her son like this. She knew it was neither of the boy's falt but knowing Jeongin he would blame himself, as he always does. It was also upsetting because the boys were just releasing their love for one another and Mrs Yang was preparing to smother Hyunjin with love. But she couldn't do anything about that now. Jeongin had done a very grown-up thing in letting Hyunjin go, but at the same time, she wished he hadn't. She wished that just for a moment her son could stop worrying about everything and just enjoy his life. 

Sunday followed in a similar pattern to the other days. Jeongin sat on the sofa, a blanket wrapped around his shoulder a tub of ice cream in between his legs, staring aimlessly at the TV. Today Felix sat next to him as his mother had to work, he was yelling at all the things that didn't make sense in the movie, it made Jeongin, not a lot but a little bit. 

"Well, that was a waste of time" Felix groaned leaning back on the sofa as the credits rolled up the screen. "I know we are watching an awful movie but they should at least be half decedent." Jeongin giggled softly and hugged the pillow closer to his chest. 

"Maybe we should watch some TV, then we know its good quality," Jeongin said. 

"Good idea," Felix replied picking up the remote and flicking off Netflix. "I'll get us some more snacks" 

Just as Felix got up, the sound of a door slamming on the TV made the pair both look at it. Felix jaw dropped as he dove for the remote, as an oh so familiar face appeared on the screen smiling as usual. Jeongin picked up the remote before Felix could get it and held it tightly in his head. He stared at the TV in front of him with shining eyes. 

"Hyunjin welcome to Knowing Brother" A voice called from the TV. Felix looked anxiety at his friend. 

"Jeongin..." Felix said softly, reached for the remote again. Jeongin held up a hand, his eyes still not moving from the TV screen. 

"It's ok, go get the snacks," Felix mumbled, turning away from the TV. Just before he turned into the kitchen, the blond looked back at his friend. Hyunjin was laughing on the screen with a huge smile as always. Felix could see Jeongin's knuckles turn white squeezing the remote, but tears were yet to fall, so that progress right. 

With a sigh, Felix walked into the kitchen and starting sorting the collection of snacks that had been strewn across the counter. Moving quickly so Jeongin didn't have to sit alone for long, Felix collected a few bags of crisps and headed back to the living room. When he was in earshot of the TV he froze. It took less than a second to realise what they were talking about and it wasn't good. 

Felix sprinted across the apartment, dropped the snacks on the table and lunged for the remote. But Jeongin held it out of reach. The brunette's eyes were glassy and held tears that threatened to fall. 


"Don't," Jeongin said in a shacky but firm voice. " I want to hear what he says, plus he recorded it last week so there's no bad feeling yet" Felix gulped and turned his attention to the TV. 

"So who is this newfound friend of yours?" One of the hosts asked in an optimistic voice. A dreamy look came over Hyunjin's face at the mention of the "new friend". Jeongin gripped tightened on the remote, but the tears were yet to fall. 

"I met at him at one of my schedules and he has been the best thing to ever come into my life" 

The first tear slipped from Jeongin's eyes and softly danced down the younger's cheek. 

While the younger was distracted, Felix stealthily grabbed the remote and switched the channel.  It took a moment for the younger to realise that Hyunjin was no longer on screen. Jeongin blinked and looked around, as though he had just come out of a daze. 

Felix quickly pulled the Burnette into a tight hug. Suddenly, the flood gates opened. Tears began to flow down the younger face, making a small sorrow shaped mark on Felix's T-shirt. 

"I'm sorry" Felix whispered, gently stroking Jeongin's hair. 

"F-Felix?" Jeongin whispered in between sobs. Felix hummed in reply. 

"Do... do you think I made the right decision?" 

"Yes... I think you did" 


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