Chapter 28

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"I'm home" Jeongin called into the apartment.

"Hey sweetie" His mum called from the lounge. With a grin, Jeongin dumped his bag by the door and rushed to the sofa where his mum was sitting.

"Hi, mum" Jeongin greeted with a wide grin.

"You seem in a good mood" Mrs Yang mused, turning her attention to the smiling boy on the sofa next to her.

"I'm just happy to see you, is that a crime?" Jeongin smiled. Mrs yang smiled and shook her head.

"Talking of happiness," Mrs yang said, picking up the remote and muting the TV. "I believe you have something to tell me"

Jeongin's insides turned to ice. She couldn't have found out about Hyunjin. It was impossible. The only person who could have told her was Felix and Jeongin knew Felix wouldn't do that.

"W-what are you talking about?" Jeongin stammered. Mrs yang let out a chuckle.

"I'm talking about Hyunjin" Jeongin's insides seemed to drop out of his body never to return. Jeongin didn't want to stop seeing Hyunjin. They had so much they still needed to do. He still needs to confess his love.

"Hyunjin?" Jeongin questioned, faining innocence

"Apparently he performed at your school yesterday," Mrs yang said. Jeongin let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. "How come you didn't tell me this"

"Well me and Felix went out after school and I was tired when I got home and it slipped my mind" Jeongin lied. 

"I guess that was a bit surreal" Mr s Yang mused, turning off the TV.

"It was" Jeongin sighed. Images of yesterday flashed before his eyes, reminding of the time that they had spent together.

"You were so nervous when I was asking you someone might think you've brought his new album be mind my back," Mrs yang said, eyeing Jeongin suspiciously. Jeongin just laughed and shook his head. "Or that you two are secretly dating" Jeongin's insides had returned and they had filled with lead in the meantime.

"Now that would be strange" Jeongin said nervously, feeling a thin layer of sweat begin to cover his hands. Mrs yang let out a laugh and stood up from the sofa.

"Image you and Hyunjin dating, not in my wildest dream would I think of that" A small twinge of hurt stirred in Jeongin's heart but he pushed it off. He couldn't give himself away.

"Dinner is in an hour" Mrs yang called. Jeongin hummed in reply and quickly left the lounge. He made his way to his bedroom and floated onto his bed. That was too stressful for a Tuesday evening. Jeongin sighed and closed his eyes, rest was what he needed. Just as sleep began to wash over him, his phone began to buzz. With a small groan, Jeongin pulled his phone out and answered the call.

"Hello?" Jeongin said without opening his eyes.

"Hey, Innie!" Hyunjin called brightly. Jeongin smiled and rolled over on his bed to face his phone.

"Hey, jinnie" JEongin replied softly. The Burnette smiled hearing the idol giggle on the other side of the phone.

"How was your day?" Hyunjin asked after finally calming down.

"Long," Jeongin sighed. "But your text this morning helped the day go a bit smoother"

"Can one text do that much" Hyunjin chuckled.

"Yes, because it was from you" Jeongin felt his face burning as he said it. The line went silent for a moment as both were trying not to die from overheating. After a moment Hyunjin broke the silence.

"I recorded Knowing Brothers today, and I was so nervous, I swear I wasn't funny at all," Hyunjin said. Jeongin giggled and pulled his phone closer to him.

"I'm sure you were fine" Jeongin replied.

"I wish you were there with me," Hyunjin whispered down the phone.

"I wish I was there too" There was a pause.

"I miss you" Hyunjin whispered. Jeongin flushed deeply and pulled at the seam of his blanket.

"I miss you too" 

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