Chapter 18

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"What!?" Jeongin whisper yelled. A few heads turned to look at them but quickly turned back. Jeongin fort of the coat the Hyunjin had so caringly placed on him and stared at it in his hands. 

"How can this cost £2,000?" Jeongin continued staring at the black fabric in front of him. Felix looked at him with raised eyebrows. 

"You're the one wearing it, surely you would know if you spent that much money on a coat" Felix reasoned. 

"But I didn't buy it" Jeongin replied, gently stuffing the coat into his bag. 

"You stole it?!" Felix half-whispered. Once again a couple of heads turned to look at them, even the teacher stopped writing to look at the pair. Jeongin bowed his head apologetically and pretended to write notes. When the threat was gone Jeongin turned back to Felix, Slapping him around the head at the same time.  

"No you idiot," Jeongin whispered to a now pouting Felix. "Hyunjin gave it to me" Felix slowly looked up at his friend, his jaw just about brushing the floor. 

"Wh- what! H-How?" Felix spluttered, struggling to get words out due to shock. 

"Well yesterday, when I got home he was waiting for me outside my apartment and I may or may not have given him a nose bleed," Jeongin mumbled, staring at the blank page of his notebook in front of him. Felix snorted, earning a glare from the younger. 

"Then we ended up watching movies all night, but my alarm didn't go off this morning so I was late, then as I left Hyunjin insisted that I wear a coat, but I was in a rush and didn't have time to refuse him AND I didn't know it was £2,000 jacket" Jeongin finished with a sigh and sat back in his chair. 

"Ok backtrack a sec-" 

"Jeongin! Felix! If your conversation is so important to have during my lesson why don't you share it with the class" The teacher called into the room. All heads turned to look at the pair. Jeongin looked down at his desk, hating all the attention. 

"No miss" Felix replied. 

"If I catch you talking again it will be detention for both of you" The teacher finished turning back to the board. The pair bowed their heads and the lesson continued.

"Let's talk at break" Felix mouthed. Jeongin nodded and turned his attention to the lesson.  


"Ok first things first, why was Hyunjin at your house?" Felix asked leaning against Jeongin's locker. The younger sighed and closed the metal door. The pair had sprinted out of the classroom the moment the bell rang, to avoid any questions about Jeongin's jacket. 

"Well," Jeongin began, but he paused. He didn't acutely know why Hyunjin was it his house that evening. 

"I don't acutely know" Jeongin replied thinking hard. Never once in the whole night had Jeongin asked why the idol was there. 

"You spent the whole night together and you never asked once why he appeared out of the blue?" Felix asked, leading the way back to the classroom. 

"I never occurred to ask, because at first, I was to busy worrying about his nose and then..." Jeongin paused again remembering the crying fit he had had. It was probably best to leave that out, it was something for him and Hyunjin to remember. "then we were to busy watching movies and it slipped my mind" 

Felix hummed sitting back down at his desk. Mosy people went outside for break leaving the classroom empty for the pair to talk. 

"Second point, how did you give him a nose bleed?" Felix asked, a smile playing on his lips. Jeongin groaned and hid his head in his hands at the memory. 

"He was dressed all in black and standing outside my door, I thought he was a gangster so I threw my phone at him and gave him a nose bleed" Jeongin mumbled into the desk. Felix let out a loud laugh that filled the classroom. Jeongin blushed from the embarrassment and hid his head further in his hands. 

"Amazing..." Felix whispered, wiping the tear from his eye. 

"It's not funny, I was worried" Jeongin pouted. 

"But it is really funny" Felix replied, still chuckling. 

"It's not-" But Jeongin was interrupted by his phone ringing. The pair stared at it as Jeongin slowly pulled it out. The ID caller read 'Hyunjin'. 

"Put it on speakerphone I want to hear," Felix said, pulling his chair next to Jeongin's. The younger gulped and answered to call.

"Jeongin!!" Hyunjin called, filling the room with his bubbly voice. Jeongin couldn't help but smile at the sound. Felix looked at his friend and tried his hardest not to laugh and the love-struck face his friend was making. 

"Hi, Hyunjin" Jeongin replied in a small tone. 

"Did you get to school ok? I was worried you might trip and hurt yourself. " Hyunjin asked, his voice laced with worry. Jeongin blushed slightly and looked down at his hands. 

"I got to school fine," Jeongin said. 

"That's good," Hyunjin said, you could almost hear the smile in his voice. "I just left your apartment, I have cleaned it up don't worry" 

"Thank you" Jeongin whispered. Felix stared at his friend in disbelief, he knew his friend was shy but he didn't realise that he could be this shy. Jeongin looked over at his friend to see a smirk on Felix's face. Jeongin raised an eyebrow, Felix shook his head and pointed at his jacket. 

"Oh yeh, when do you want your jacket back?"Jeongin asked. 

"Oh, you can keep it" Hyunjin replied. Both Jeongin's and Felix's eyes went the size of plates. 

"You're kidding" Jeongin stammered. 

"Of course not, it's a gift, a thank you for yesterday, but not the nose bleed bit" Hyunjin chuckled. "Anyway I have to go, talk to you later" And the call ended. The pair stared at each other in shock. 

"I told you he was real" Jeongin whispered. 

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