Chapter 23

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Jeongin didn't know how he ended up in this situation. He was currently squished in-between Hyunjin and Felix on the sofa in the school broadcasting room with their principal smiling widely at them. 

"Well, we are all very honoured to welcome Hyunjin to perform at our school" The principal began, sounding as though he was addressing parliament not a room full to TV crew. Hyunjin smiled and bowed his slightly in respect. "And how wonderful it is that you know one of our students" It was now Jeongin's turn to react. The Burnett only gave a small smile and focused his attention on his hands again. 

"I will be in my office if you need any help, good luck filming" And with that the principal was. Jeongin let out a breath a flopped back on the sofa. 

"I think I was just addressed by a piece of plastic because of how fake that was," Jeongin said to the ceiling. Hyunjin let out a chuckle and leaned back on the sofa to get a better look at the younger. Jeongin turned his head and smiled at the older, and letting himself for just a moment to get lost in the other face. 

However, their moment was cut short, by a cough from the other side of Jeongin. A light blush dusting his cheeks, Jeongin turned to his blond friend. Felix raised an eyebrow, as asking for an introduction. 

"Hyunjin," Jeongin said, turning back to the idol. "This is my friend, Felix" 

"It's so nice to meet you, Felix!" Hyunjin beamed smiling across the sofa at the blond. Felix smiled in reply a bit taken aback by the other's energy. 

"Likewise," Felix said. 

"So Hyunjin," Jeongin asked, striking up a conversation. "Why are you here?" 

"Well you know I said that I would be doing more variety shows," HYunjin explained, turning to face the pair. "One of the shows was 'school attack' and they let me choose which school to go to and I chose yours"  

"So that's why you wanted to know what school he went to," Felix said, connecting the dots. Hyunjin smiled brightly at the pair. 

"This way I could get to see innies school and spend time with him without being killed by my manager" Jeongin nodded along, and Felix snorted. Jeongin looked at his friend with raised eyebrows. 

"Innie?" Felix asked, trying his best to keep in his laughter.

"W-what's wrong with my nickname?" Jeongin asked back, desperately trying to fight the blush that was spreading across his cheeks.

"Nothing, its cute" Felix replied, an evil smirk appearing across his face. 

"5 minutes till shooting starts" A staff member called. Hyunjin let out a sigh and flopped back on the sofa. 

"You nervous?" Jeongin asked. 

"Kind of" Hyunjin mumbled. "The performance I'm not too worried about because I know I can do that, its the bit before I'm worried about." 

"Don't worry," Jeongin said placing a reassuring hand on the older's shoulder. "You've got this" Hyunjin smiled at his friend. 

"Thanks" Hyunjin replied softly. 

"Jeongin, we need to go," Felix said standing up from the sofa. Jeongin nodded and also stood up. 

"See you later" Jeongin waved. Hyunjin smiled in reply and wistfully as Jeongin quickly left the room before flopping back on the sofa. 

"Well it was so nice of your boyfriend to come pay us a visit," Felix said once the pair were out in the hallway. 

"W-w...what?!!" Jeongin spluttered. "W-what are you talking about?" Felix smirked at his friend's complete ignorance to his and the idol's feelings. 

"You guys are all over each other, I understand if you want to keep it a secret from me but you could have given me a heads up," Felix said, striding off down the corridor.

"Felix," Jeongin said, jogging to catch up with the blond. "We're not dating" 

"Right," Felix said, not believing a word. "And I'm not in love with Changbin" 

"Felix!" Jeongin said, getting very flustered at this point. "We're just friends" 

"If you say so," Felix smirked. Jeongin opened his mouth to argue but couldn't as they had to slip into the back of the lesson without being seen.  

Jeongin couldn't sit still for the whole morning. His mind was buzzing from what Felix had said. There was no way the he could have romantic feelings for Hyunjin. Everytime his heart sped up it was more like from heart burn than love right? And thinking about the idol everyday, that was because he had nothing better to think about right?

Finally Hyunjin's voice rang through the halls inviting the students to come watched his performance. Jeongin heart picked up as he watched his class go crazy around him. Why was he so nervous he had seen Hyunjin perform before, but maybe this was different somehow.

Slowly, Jeongin made his way to the field where a stage had appeared, his heart pounding in his ears.

"He's just a friend, right?" Jeongin mumbled to himself.


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