Chapter 34

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Sunlight poured through the branches of the big oak tree that the pair sat under. Although the grown was still damp from the heavy rain the past day, the pair's coats acted as perfect picnic blankets. The dappled light fell upon the pair, warming their back and sunning their faces. 

Most of the school was out on the field today, enjoying the sunny weather, after realising that they may not be seeing it again for a while. Jeongin rested against the tree, his mood still light from last night, smiled gently into the sunlight.  The weather perfectly reflected his mood, although the dark clouds that loomed ominously at the edge of the sky made the good weather seem fleeting. 

"I don't autumn to be over yet" Felix whined stretching his arms up to the sky. Jeongin chuckled and sat up straighter. 

"a bit late for that now"Jeongin reasoned. Felix let out a whine and slumped against the trunk of the tree. Jeongin only shook his head a pulled out his head. The screen only showed the time, no new messages. Jeongin frowned at his phone. 

"What's wrong?" Felix asked, seeing the expression on his friends face. 

"Hyunjin hasn't texted me today," Jeongin said, his eyes not leaving his phone.  

"What?" Felix asked, sitting up. "but he always texts you"

"I know" Jeongin's frown deepened. They both stared at the phone, anticipating it to start ringing any second. But nothing happened. 

"You don't think..." Jeongin began, anxiety beginning to bubble in his stomach, his mind beginning to run a circle around itself. "you don't think I scared him off?" Jeongin voice was thick with worry and shook slightly as he spoke. 

"Oh, Jeongin" Felix sighed, wrapping an arm tightly around his friend. "I don't think so, Hyunjin doesn't seem like that type of person." 

"But.."Jeongin's voice wobbled dangerously, his eyes beginning to glitter with tears. "I barely know him. We've known each other for a couple of weeks if that." 

"Yet" Felix retaliated. "You've spent so much time together you know each other so well."

"I guess so" Jeongin sniffed, wiping the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. 

"He's probably just busy, he is an idol after all" Felix reassured, giving his friend an extra squeeze. Jeongin only nodded and stared down at his lap. He couldn't help but worry. Hyunjin very rarely missed a morning text and if he did he would make it up with a call later. Jeongin hoped that he was just overreacting, that his mind was blowing thing way out of proportion. Everything was going to be ok. It was Hyunjin. Nothing bad can happen to him. Right? But still, Jeongin couldn't get ride of the little nagging feeling that everything was not as it seems. 

"Jeongin you need to get your mind off him," Felix said breaking through the youngers thoughts. "How about-"

 But the blond was cut off by Jeongin's phone buzzing into life. Jeongin's eyes widened and a smile grew across his face. Wasting no time at all Jeongin dived for the phone and answered it. Hyunjin had called him. It was all going to be alright. 

"Hyunjin" Jeongin called down the phone, not even trying to hide the bright smile appearing on his lips. "Are you ok? I was worried after you-" 


The younger froze. Hyunjin's voice was sombre and serious. It sent shivers down the youngers spin. It sounded as though he had been talking for ages. Something wasn't right. Hyunjin was never this serious. Something had gone wrong. 

"W-what happen? W-what's wrong?" Jeongin whispered down the phone, scared to hear the answer. 

"We were seen

Those three words were enough to explain everything. they were enough for tears to reform in Jeongin's eyes. They were enough to make the small boy shake with fear. 

"N-no... how?" Jeongin stammered out. 

"I don't know... but the pictures arrived on my bosses desk this morning and soon they will be all over the press" Jeongin let out a small squeak of shock. His hands were now shaking violently, he had to grasp the edge of the coat to try and dull the tremors.  

"It's chaos but the company is sorting it" Hyunjin sounded so pained. He must be so stressed. His whole career was on the line. His future. His life. And all because of a selfish moment in the rain. All because of Jeongin. Jeongin couldn't help but let a silent tear slowly slip out of his eye and roll down his cheek. 

"What now?" Jeongin whispered, not trusting his voice. 

"I'm on my way to your school now, you need to the company to sort all of this out" Hyunjin sighed. Jeongin closed his eyes, letting another tear slip out of his eye and tried desperately to stifle a sob. 

"Jeongin" Hyunjin called his voice distressed. "Don't worry everything is going to be ok" Jeongin could only nod, knowing that Hyunjin couldn't see him. 

"We are just outside the gate, come please" Hyunjin voice was soft, and for the only time that call, sounded like the Hyunjin Jeogin met curled on the cold for of the stadium crying for help. 

With those words, the call ended and Jeongin wasted no time in grabbing his stuff and running off in the direction of the front gates. Tears flew from his eyes and the brunette tried desperately to act as though he had not been crying. Felix was still sat under the tree confused and concerned but knew that no matter how hard he could try Jeongin wouldn't accept his help. 

In no time at all Jeongin arrived at the front gate and, as promised, the familiar black van was parked there. Jeongin wiped his eyes one last time before stepping forward. He swung the door open and quickly sat down. The door had barely closed before Woojin was speeding off. Jeongin let out a sigh and turned to his side. 

"Hi," Hyunjin said softly. His voice was hinted with sadness but it sounded better than on the phone. Jeongin only smiled, felt as if he opened his mouth he would burst into tears. Hyunjin let out a shaky breath and quickly pulled Jeongin into a tight hug. 

"We are going to get through this," Hyunjin whispered. "I am going to everything I can to keep us together" 

Jeongin only smiled sadly and buried his head further into Hyunjin's chest. He wanted to appreciate these moments of silence together before their world was torn apart. 

As they drove, thick heavy raindrops began to fall against the windows of the van. Creating a drumroll to the doom that awaited them. 

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