Chapter 24

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"Stay highschool make some noise!" Hyunjin cheered from the stage. The students around him erupted into shouts and screams, all cheering for the idol. But Hyunjin didn't care about them too much. He was desperately searching the crowd for a certain bespectacled Burnett. A moment of dread passed over Hyunjin when he couldn't find the younger, but all worries vanished when he spotted the small boy on the edge of the crowd waving his hands in the air. 

"Alright let's get it!" Hyunjin cheered, causing the crowd to burst into cheers again. The music started and Hyunjin's body dance instinctively to the beat. Throughout the whole performance, Hyunjin didn't look away from Jeongin, for even a second. There was a small fear in the back of his mind that he looked away the boy disappeared and the next he knew he would wake up in his bed. But Jeongin stayed where he was. 

Soon the music ended and the crowd burst into cheers again. And Jeongin was smiling as brightly as anyone, clapping along with the smile. Hyunjin let out a breath a smiled as well. As people, smiling is one of the most infectious diseases. Hyunjin tore his eyes away from Jeongin for a moment to the director gesturing for him to start speaking. 

"It's such a pleasure to be performing for you," Hyunjin smiled out at the crowd.  "And as a gift for letting me perform today, I have a 10,00 won vouch for the local restaurant" The crowd cheered again, now knowing that food was involved.

"All you need to do is answer a few questions" HYunjin pretended to scan the crowd but knew exactly who he was going to ask on stage. Jeongin shook his head violently at the idol but Hyunjin plainly ignored it. 

"You, at the back in the glasses" Hyunjin called. Jeongin face palmed as the whole of the school and camera crew turned to him. Hiding his face in his hands, Jeongin made his way to the stage, his heart pounding, and totally not for the fact he was going to stand next to Hyunjin.  

"So," Hyunjin said, beaming at Jeongin. "What is the name of my title track?" The mic was pointed towards Jeongin's mouth. The Burnett took a deep breath and spoke. 

"I am you" Jeongin whispered into the mic. The crowd cheered, somewhat half-heartedly, at the answer, annoyed they couldn't get free food. Yet Hyunjin smiled if it was possible, brighter than he already was and had to resist the urge to pull the younger into a tight hug. Somewhere in the crowd, the director called cut and the teachers appeared to began to guide the students back to class, some still turning back to look at the pair. Jeongin and Hyunjin slowly exited the stage and were met at the bottom by Felix. 

"I'm sad I have to go now, I thought i could spend the rest of the day with you" Hyunjin pouted. Jeongin giggled and did his best at hiding the blush that appeared at the cute sight. 

"I wish we could but I have to go to class" Jeongin replied. Hyunjin sighed and looked down at his feet. Jeongin looked over at Felix, who gave him a nod signalling it was time for them to go. Just as the pair took one step, Hyunjin sprung back to life again. 

"Wait," THe Idol called, maybe a little too loudly. "What are you guys doing after school?" The pair looked at each other before answering. 

"My mum is working tonight, so I'm free" Jeongin replied, with Felix nodded along. 

"I might have to leave a bit early but I can stay for a bit" Hyunjin bounced forward and embraced both of them in a tight hug. 

"Great!" He replied. "I'll pick both of you up after school, then we can go hang out, this is going to be so fun!" All the others could do was smile and nod. Once again, Felix sensed a feeling of dread begin to fall open him, while jeongin was trying to hide his excitement of going on a 'date' with Hyunjin. A bell for the school pulled the pair out of there thoughts. Taking off across the field, Jeongin turned and waved to idol one last time before disappearing into the school. 

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