Chapter 22

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Soon enough Monday morning came around and Jeongin was snuggled up in his scarf walking to school. The sun shone down on the city, earning the boy as he walked. The events of the weekend had driven his worries about Monday out of his head. But as he walked he could help but feel a bundle of nerves pooling in his stomach.

Soon the school gates appeared in front of Jeongin, glittering from frost and the morning sun. Jeongin let out a breath and headed up to the main building. As quickly as possible, Jeongin dogged his way through the crowds, trying not to focus on his pounding heart as he did so. As quickly as he could, he pilled the books into his bag and speeded off down the corridor. 

Jeongin slid into the deserted classroom and let out a breath. Felix, who was already at his desk, looked at his our of breath friend. 

"Morning" The Australian greeted. Jeongin smiled, before walking over and collapsing on his desk. Felix chuckled at his friend's action, and gently patted the youngers wavy brown hair. 

"Has it been a long weekend deary" Felix cooed in mock sympathy. Jeongin glared at his friend, swatting the others hand away. 

"Hyunjin decided to appear at my apartment again, giving his manager the shock of his life," Jeongin explained. "But it turns out that Hyunjin's manager and one of the doctors at mum's hospital were college roommates.

"Why was a doctor at your house?" The blond asked. 

"He gave me a lift home because it was raining" Jeongin replied sitting up. Felix nodded and turned his attention back to his phone. The pair fell into silence as a couple other students began to wander into the classroom. but quickly their silence was broken by a loud cry from the doorway. 

"Jeongin! Felix" The pair looked up at the doorway. There stood Jisung, a board smile on his face. The pair looked at each other in confusion then back at Jisung. The boy gestured for them to come over, so reluctantly Jeongin and Felix stood up and made their way across the room. 

"What is it?" Jeongin asked tentatively. The pair rarely got in trouble, well not rarely. Jeongin had got in trouble for sleeping class a lot, but his mum forgave him for that, however, Felix had an almost squeaky clean record. Apart from the one time he was spying on Changbin in the bathroom and broke a tap, but we won't get into that now. 

"You have been called to go to the broadcasting room" Jisung stated. 

"Why?" Felix asked even more confused. Jisung shrugged his shoulders in reply.

"They wouldn't tell me, they said it was a secret" Jeongin looked at Felix", fear beginning to form in his eyes. 

"D-did they say they wanted both of us" Jeongin stammered. His ball of nerves from this morning growing into more of a bowler. 

"No, they said 'go get yang jeongin and that blond boy who's always with him'" Jisung explained. Jeongin nodded and opened his mouth to asked another question but was interrupted by the bell. 

"I have to go, you'll be fine don't worry" Jisung reassured before sprinting off down the corridor. Jeongin looked at Felix, clearly nervous.  Felix sighed and swung an around arm his friend and began to guide their way to the broadcasting room. 

"Don't worry, it'll all be fine" Felix encouraged. Jeongin could only nod in reply, for his mind was swimming with thoughts. Mind was a mixture of panic and curiosity. Hurriedly flicking through his recent memories to see if he did anything wrong, and then thinking what other reason it could be. 

Could it be Hyunjin? A realisation appeared in his brain. It made sense. Hyunjin did ask him which school he went too, and he was complaining about doing variety shows and-

"Jeongin, we're here," Felix said breaking through his chain of thoughts. Jeongin let out a breath and moved towards the door. His heart was pounding his chest with a mixture of fear and anticipation. Slowly he raised his hand and knocked on the door. 

"Come in," Said a deep voice. Jeongin recognised it as the principles. With a gulp, Jeongin slowly opened the door. 

Inside the room was a mass of people. Most of them were setting up cameras on tripods, checking things on laptops, not paying attention to the new arrivals. Sat on the sofa at the back of the room was the Principle with a very fake smile plastered across his face talking to someone with their back to them and at the end of the sofa- 

"Jeonginnie!" Hyunjin cried lunging across the room and pulling Jeongin into a tight embrace. 

"H-Hyunjin?!" Jeongin stammered. Hyunjin pulled away and beamed at the younger. Jeongin didn't know what to do, the sight of his friend had frozen him. 

"And who is this with you?" The question from the idol broke Jeongin out of his trance. He turned to see Felix frozen in the door staring at Hyunjin. 

"Felix?" Jeongin asked tentatively. 

"So he is real" Felix whispered. 

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