Chapter 36

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The world around him was quiet, the rain seemed to have stopped, although the streaks of raindrops down the window proved differently. No one seemed to speak as the pair made their way through the company halls, hands tightly clamped together. Maybe Jeongin had blocked out all outside noise to try and focus on the event that was about to take place. Or maybe it was his brain trying to slow down time, trying to savour every moment left.

"So," The CEO said, once the two boys were once again settled on the sofa in front of him. "What have you decided?" Jeongin gulped and looked down at his hands, they were once again shaking, but this time not from fear.

"Deny the rumours"

Jeongin's voice came out barely over a whispered, but it seemed to be amplified a thousand times and silent room. No one moved, they just stared at Jeongin in disbelief. Hyunjin had frozen where he sat. He brain seemed to ground to a halt after the words he had just heard. Jeongin couldn't be serious.

"Are you sure?" The CEO stammered, looking from one boy to another. "There are other ways we can tackle the-" Jeongin shook his head furiously, trying his best to blink away the tears that were springing to his eyes.

"No, I'll leave Hyunjin alone, I've caused enough damage" Jeongin looked up at the CEO his eyes sparkling with tears. The CEO sighed and shook his head, he could see the pain in the youngers eyes, but he knew he could do nothing to change his mind.


A weird silence fell over the room, as though time had decided that moment to pause. A heavy tension filled the air, everyone staring but at nothing in particular. The rain continued the pour, but only a gentle patter was heard as if trying to relax the tension in the room.

Hyunjin was sat frozen in shock. He couldn't understand what had just happened. Why did Jeongin do that? This wasn't his fault. If anything, it was Hyunjin's for not being more careful.

Slowly, with shaking legs, Jeongin rose from the sofa and bowed deeply to the CEO. Hyunjin watched him with wide unseeing eyes. Watched as the first few tears slip from his eyes and ran down his cheeks.

"Sorry for taking up your time" Jeongin whispered in a shaky voice. Before anyone could make a reply, Jeongin had turned and fled the room slamming the door loudly behind him. Everyone sat for a moment looking at the door bouncing slightly on the catch.

"Jeongin..." Hyunjin murmured. The words seemed to fall from his lips of their own accord. It was like Hyunjin's brain had lost control of his body, because the next thing he knew he was standing up from the sofa and sprinting out of the room.

It was a strange feeling, as though you are not present in your own body, Hyunjin saw the hallways blur past him and heard the sound of his feet slapping against the floor. But he couldn't feel anything. He could hear his voice crying out for Jeongin but couldn't feel his lips moving or his voice in his throat. Not until, Hyunjin grabbed the younger's wrist, stopping him from escaping into the world beyond, did his brain regain consciousness.

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