Chapter 3

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"Felix!" Jeongin called as they walked into school. The blond haired boy turned to see Jeongin waving him over.

"What's wrong?" Felix asked, walking out of the flow of people to Jeongin.

"I have a problem" Jeongin said panicked. Felix's face fell, worry filled his body.

"What is it?" Felix asked in a serious tone.

"I managed to get tickets for Hyunjin's concert but they're standing!" Jeongin whisper yelled, waving his hand around his head. Felix smacked the younger's arm with all the force he could manage and looked at Jeongin in exasperation. 

"Are you serious?!" Felix yelled at the smaller. Jeongin pouted and rubbed his arm where Felix had hit it. 

"I thought your mum was sick or something" Felix sighed and rubbed the sides of his head. 

"This is an issue though" Jeongin mumbled, looking at his feet. Felix sighed again and ran his hands through his hair. 

"I know it's an issues but not exactly as big an issues as you made out" Felix rested an apologetic hand on Jeongin's shoulder. 

"Come on, or we'll be late" The pair moved out from the side of the school into the main building. The hallways were emptying now but there was still enough people to make Jeongin feel uncomfortable. The pair walked to their lockers, which were lucky only a few lockers apart, and got the books they needed for the day. They walked into the busy classroom and sat in their seats at the back. 

"I mean the first option you have to see if you can try and swap them with someone who wants standing tickets" Felix suggested. Jeongin nodded resting his chin on his hand.  

"But how do I know that i'm getting a good seat, or that i'm not being scammed" Jeongin reasoned. Felix hummed, realising the flaw in his plan. The pair fell into silence thinking deeply as the class raged around them. Their teacher was late so all students were taking advantage of it. 

"You could use the ticket to get in and then go take a seat that is unoccupied" Felix thought out loud. 

"But the whole stadium is sold out, there won't be a free seat" Jeongin replied.  

"Or you could stand right at the back of the standing" Felix continued. 

"Maybe, but then i might not be able to see the stage properly" The pair once again fell into silence, trying to find a solution. 

"You could-" Felix began but was interrupted by the teacher entering the classroom. The pair of boys turned to face the front and listen to the teacher rambling on about why he was late. The teacher quickly turned to the board and began to teach the lesson. 

"You could try and get over your claustrophobia" Felix whispered, leaning over so Jeongin would hear him. The brunette raised an eyebrow at his friend. 

"You ask your mum to ask one of the psychiatrist to do some voodoo magic on your brain and make you not afraid anymore" Jeongin sighed and looked at the front of the class room. The teacher was explaining something about  the book that they were reading, but Jeongin wasn't listerning. 

"I guess it's the best shot we've got" Jeongin muttered, beginning to take notes from the board. In the margin of his notebook he put to text his mum at lunch about it. 


The sound of keys jingled in the lock as Jeongin opened the door. As he entered the apartment he got a sent of something cooking. He sighed and placed his shoes and bag down before heading to the kitchen.

"Hi mum" Jeongin called, walking into the kitchen. 

"Hi sweetie" His mum replied. Jeongin smiled and gave his mum a big hug.

"What are you doing up you should be resting" Jeongin pouted.

"Don't worry, when I got home I had a big rest so you don't need to worry" His mother said ruffling his hair. Jeongin smiled and pulled a snack out of one of the cupboard.

"That's good" Jeongin replied. He cared deeply about his mum. She worked as a nurse in the big hospital and she had to work long shifts that went deep into night. He always worried about his mum getting enough rest and staying healthy.

"Dinner will be ready in a bit" his mother said, turning back to the stove. Jeongin nodded and headed to his room.

He'll tell her about the concert another time.

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