Chapter 19

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Week passed in its usual fashion. The leaves Browning on the trees, the wind catching an extra chill. The mornings becoming darker. But for Jeongin the week was interspersed with calls and texts from Hyunjin.

Every day when Jeongin was walking home he would get calls from the idol which would last him all the way home. There had been no more surprise visits as the idol was grounded by his manager for running away. Yet each call was filled with laughter and warmth. And as much a Jeongin tried he couldn't stop his heart from fluttering slightly.

Friday morning was a cold one. The sky was clear, with a thin layer of fog lying overground. The grass lay with frosted tips which crunched underfoot.

Jeongin smiled and buried his face deeper into his scarf. He was wrapped up tightly in Hyunjin jacket, on the older's request, and headed towards the large school building.

"Good morning bundle of clothes," Felix said, swinging his arm around the younger shoulders.

"Hi, Felix" Jeongin replied, the sound muffled by the scarf. Felix grinned and the pair headed into the school.

"We still on for tonight?" The blond asked.

"Of course, I'm not gonna miss a night of yelling at the TV with you" Jeongin replied with a small smile. Felix grinned and helped steer the younger through the corridor.

It was a bit busier than usual, everyone sheltering from the cold outside. It was loud and busy causing Jeongin to retreat into the collar of his jacket. Despite Jeongin's efforts, eyes still followed the pair down the corridor.

"Why is everyone looking at me?" Jeongin whispered to Felix.

"I think you forgot your wearing Hyunjin's jacket again" Felix whispered in reply. Jeongin only nodded in reply and quickly hurried to his locker.

The Burnett quickly pulled off his jacket and stuffed into his locker. Thinking he was safe, Jeongin shut his locker then turn to be met with a face inches away from his.

"Hi!!!" The guy yelled in Jeongin's face.

"H-hello" Jeongin stammered in reply.

"I saw your jacket and thought it was just amazing" the guy continued, leaning away from the younger.

"Thank you" Jeongin replied. Feeling uncomfortable, Jeongin turned away from the stranger and began walking down the corridor to his classroom. Sadly the other guy didn't get the message.

"I was wondering" the stranger continued. "Where you got that jacket from because it's kinda expensive and hard to find"

"A friend gave it to me" Jeongin replied shortly. The guy nodded but continued walking with the smaller.

"Bit of an expensive gift" the guy mused.

"Well, I clearly mean a lot to him," Jeongin said. As the words left his mouth the meaning hit him. He must mean a lot to Hyunjin for him to sacrifice a £2,000 limited edition jacket for Jeongin. He didn't realise until now just how important Jeongin was in Hyunjin's life. Jeongin couldn't hide the small smile that appeared on his face.

"Well anyway, my name is Jisung it nice to meet you," Jisung said brightly. The pair stopped outside Jeongin's classroom.

"Well... bye" Jeongin mumbled. He walked into the classroom, hearing Jisung still chattering by the door.

"Who was that?" Felix asked. The pair sat down in their seats and Jeongin's head made immediate contact with the table.

"Good question," Jeongin said to the table. "He came over asking about my coat and where I got it." Felix frowned and pulled his books put of his bag.

"What did you say?" Felix said, lowering his voice as the classroom began to fill up.

"I said it was from a friend, but was panicking badly" Jeongin grumbled. Felix nodded and leaned back in his seat. The pair fell into silence as the noise level of the classroom rose.

After a moment Jeongin's phone buzzed earned the youngers attention and a couple other students' as well. Jeongin pulled out his phone and of course, it was Hyunjin.

Hey Jeongin,
!! Hope you're not too cold!


Don't worry I had your coat to keep me warm

I'm glad
Hey, which highschool do you go to?

Jeongin frowned at his phone.

"What does he want?" Felix whispered, leaned over to look at the smaller phone.

"Which high school I go to?" Jeongin replied. Felix joined in with the frowning and watched as Jeongin types his reply.

Jeongin Stay Highschool Why?

That's a secret 😉
Just make sure your at school on Monday
Have a nice day

Felix and Jeongin slowly looked at each other.

"What is that about?" Felix whispered in shock.

"I don't know, but I have bad feeling about it" Jeongin replied.

"Alright class settle down" the teacher cried quieting the class.

"A notice about Monday," the teacher called. Felix and Jeongin sat up straight at these words. A feeling of doom appearing in his stomach.

"There is something special going to happen after lesson 2 tomorrow, so everyone be on your best behaviour" the teacher announced.

Felix and Jeongin at each other with fear in their eyes.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about Monday" Jeongin whispered.

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