Chapter 31

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The world shimmered around them. A thin haze hung over the city, distorting the lights and distancing the world from the pair. Lamp posts hung like fairy lights above them, casting orange spotlights onto glossy pavement. A gentle rhythm of rain on the fabric of the umbrella acted as background music to the couple as they strolled down the street. 

Jeongin and Hyunjin walked side by side down the pavement, half-hidden under a large white umbrella. Their shoulders glued together, from the fear of getting wet and their hand's intertwined between them.  The pair walked in silence although it was by no means awkward, they were just enjoying the other's presence.

The harshness of the wind and the rain seemed to have disappeared, leaving a world sparkling and twinkling. It seemed that just Hyunjin's presence put the world to right, without him no sunshine would reach the ground. Hyunjin turned dark skies clear and brought light to the where there was none. Jeongin didn't know how he had lived until now with the idol in his life. 

Jeongin looked up at the idol and smiled. The idol was concentrated on the path ahead of them, his eyes shining in the lights from that surrounding them. His black hair moved gently in the wind that passed through. Yet behind the perfect picture was a small boy who just wanted someone he could be close to, he could laugh with, he could love him for being him. Jeongin was glad that he could be the one to be welcomed in the idol's heart and help him feel whole. 

"Jeongin," a voice broke through the smaller's thoughts, pulling him back to reality. "We're here." Jeongin blinked and looked around him, they were standing outside his apartment building, rain dripping off the edge of their umbrella

"So, we are" Jeongin replied. He couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness. He was enjoying his time with Hyunjin and didn't want it to end, although it always had too.

"Are you sure you can't stay" Jeongin whispered hopefully. Hyunjin let out a sigh and shook his head.

"I have a schedule later" Jeongin pouted and looked down at the shimmering pavement below him.

"Thank you though," Jeongin said to his shoes. "It was a nice surprise and it stopped me getting a cold." Hyunjin chuckled.

"hey," the idol said softly, placing his hand under Jeongin's chin and raising the younger's head. Jeongin couldn't help but blush at the action, even though they had already kissed all types of affection were still foreign to Jeongin. "I would do anything for you all you need to do is call me."

Jeongin smiled brightly and looked up into the older's eyes. They sparkled with pure adoration as he gazed down at the younger. Hyunjin slowly took a step forward, his hand gliding up from the younger's chin to rest gently on his cheek. Jeongin felt his heart rate leap upwards and air catching at the back of his throat. Hyunjin looked down at the younger, a slight smile gracing his lips.

"Just one more thing before you go" Hyunjin whispered and leaned in closer. The umbrella in his other hand loosened and slowly fell, resting softly on the wet concrete. Rain poured around them, soaking them down to the skin but they didn't care. Hyunjin let go of the umbrella and wrapped an arm around the younger's waist, pulling him even closer. The umbrella lay abandoned next to them slowly collecting rainwater.

Both were lost in the moment, focusing solely on the feeling of each other's lips. Their lips moving sync. Jeongin's hands were tangled in Hyunjin's wet raven hair, pulling them as close together as possible. Neither of them wanted this wonderful moment of passion to end, but like everything, it had to.

Hyunjin slowly pulled away, his warm breath misting in the air in front of them. Resting his forehead on the younger's the idol smiled. Jeongin blushed deeply and tried to look away, which was difficult seeing as the two boys were locked together. Hyunjin chuckled and wiped a stray raindrop falling Jeongin's glasses, which were partly steamy from the what had just occurred.

"You're too adorable for your own good" Hyunjin said softly, making Jeongin blush deeper. A buzz in Hyunjin pocket pulled their attention.

"I need to go" Hyunjin sighed but didn't unwrap himself from the younger. Jeongin giggled and gently pushed the older's chest.

"Go, or you'll catch a cold" Jeongin giggled, trying, very feebly, to push the idol away. Hyunjin whined and pulled Jeongin into a tighter hug.

"I'll happily catch a cold if it means I can spend more time with you" Jeongin was glad that the idol couldn't see his face at that moment for he might have mistaken it for a tomato. The sound of tires through puddles and a car horn brought the couple painfully back to reality. Unwillingly, Hyunjin broke the hug and looked at the black van preparing to park.

"Call me later ok?" Jeongin said, sliding his hands down to hold the idol's. Hyunjin smiled sadly and stood for a moment, just taking in the younger in front of him. They were both completely soaked, shirts sticking to them, hair wet and lips rosy.

"Hyunjin!" Woojin yelled from the car. Hyunjin sighed and turned to smile at his manager before looking at Jeongin for one last time.

"See you later," Hyunjin smiled desperately holding the younger's hands.

"no goodbye?" Jeongin giggled.

"I'm saving it for another occasion and hopefully I won't have to say it at all" Hyunjin whispered. Jeongin smiled softly. Gently, Jeongin leaned up and pressed his lips softly onto Hyunjin's.

"See you later" Jeongin repeated. Hyunjin grinned but another car horn prompted the idol to move. Jeongin stood and watched the soaking idol get into the van drive off into the haze. With a sigh, Jeongin picked up the umbrella, that had now collected a considerable amount of water and entered the building. Shaking his head, Jeongin turned to survey the lobby and froze.


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