Chapter 13

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Walking up to the large school building, Jeongin couldn't help but smile. His mind was filled with the sweet messages that Hyunjin had sent him.

Jeongin was so deep in his thoughts he didn't notice the figure appear at his side.

"Earth to Jeongin!" The blond yelled into the younger's ear. Jeongin jumped at the loud noise and turned to stare at his best friend in fear. Felix couldn't help but laugh at the fear that had appeared on Jeongin's face.

"What was that for?!" Jeongin half yelled back, his glasses slipping down his nose. Felix swung an arm around the younger and guided him towards the building still laughing.

"You were spaced out and smiling at the ground" Felix explained.

"Oh.." Jeongin  replied and returned his view back to the ground. No offence to Felix but Hyunjin was a lot more interesting to think about. The blond stared at his friend in confusion.

"Yah!" Felix yelled, earning Jeongin's attention and few that were still in the corridor.

"Why are you ignoring me?" Felix asked, clearly offended.

"I'm not," Jeongin replied. "I'm just thinking."

"That's dangerous Jeongin, remember what happened last time you thought?" Felix said in mock seriousness. Jeongin giggled and stopped in front of his locker.

"But seriously, what is more important that your gorgeous best friend?" Felix continued, leaning on the lockers next to Jeongin. The Burnett sigh and closed his locker. He should tell Felix about Hyunjin, he his is best friend after all.

"Okay, you know i went to Hyunjin's concert on Saturday" Jeongin began, turning to face Felix.

"Oh my god you did. How was it? Were you alright?" Felix gushed, his mum mode activated.

"I was fine until the end" Jeongin explained. Felix stayed silent with a serious expression on his face.

"When the lights came up, I suddenly released where i was and started panicking." At this Felix's face filled with sympathy, feeling bad for his best friend.

"It was really, I was crying on floor and everything, until someone saved me. Guess who it was?"

"Who?" Felix asked, leaning  close to Jeongin.

"It was Hyunjin!" Jeongin said excitedly. Felix stared at his friend expressionless.

"No seriously, who was it?" Felix, clearly unamused.

"Hyunjin! He was the one who saved me!" Jeongin exclaimed. Felix raised an eyebrow and leaned away Jeongin. 

"Really?" Felix asked clearly not convinced. 

"Really!" Jeongin replied. He was starting to get annoyed that his friend didn't believe him. "Look I even got his phone number." Jeongin quickly pulled out his phone and opened contacts. He turned and shoved his phone in Felix's face, hoping it was enough evidence to convince the blond.   

"Well I can't agure with a phone number" Said Felix, sarcasm heavy in his voice. Jeongin shut his locker and looked at his friend with anger in his eyes. 

"It is his phone number! Why don't you believe me?!" Jeongin exclaimed, his voice bouncing off the empty corridor. 

"I do believe you" Said Felix, his word not quite matching his voice. Jeongin turned on his heel and marched of down the corridor, with Felix following behind him.

"Hey, I said i believed you" Felix said, running to keep up with the burnett.  

"But you didn't sound like it" Jeongin mumbled. The pair stopped outside the classroom, the noise radiating out of it. The younger turned to face Felix again, his eyes sparkling from the morning light. Felix sighed at the look on his friends face. 

"Honestly, I really did meat Hyunjin. I  had a cup of tea in his dressing room and he was really kind. He was one of the nicest people I've ever met." Jeongin explain. Felix nodded along, paying all his attention to his best friend. 

"I'm sorry, but it just sounds quite unbelieveable" Felix replied. Jeongin looked down at his shoes. The click of the teachers shoes began to fill the hallway. 

"It just hurts a bit that you don't believe me" Jeongin mumbled. 

"Come on you too, time for class" The teacher called. The pair gave a chores of yes and headed into the classroom.m 

"Tell me all about it at lunch ok?" Felix whispered. Jeongin nodded but kept quiet, he needed some of Hyunjin's positivity to get him through the day.  

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