Chapter 41

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Hyunjin let out a sigh and let his phone fall to the side of him, his ceiling being more interesting at this point. The half-light of the setting sun flittered through the curtains that had been abandoned half-open. The black shadow of the evening slowly creeping down the walls of the room, extinguishing the warm autumn that lit the room. The bed that the idol lay on was messy, the sheets in a crumpled maze around the black-haired. 

Hyunjin watched, defeated, as darkness slowly enclosed his room, filling every space it could reach until the darkness consumed him as well. But it wasn't like he cared. He could be bothered. A waste of energy, to get up and turn the lights on. So he lay in darkness, waiting for the moment his phone would buzz holding the only thing that could bring light into his world. 

Gathering all his energy, Hyunjin rolled over and stared at his phone. The bright screen blinded the idol, he squinted until his eyes adjusted. He stared at the message in front of him, a video link. He watched, desperately hoping, that a little bubble at the side of the screen would appear to tell Hyunjin it would all be alright. 

Hyunjin knew it was a long shot. He knew that the press would be all over him, but he didn't care. They could attack him all he wanted but It made no difference. Jeongin wasn't in his life anymore. And that was the only thing that mattered. Luckily, his company had been very supportive of him, the idol never stepping a toe out of line within the whole he had been there, so they were preparing themselves for the onslaught of reporters. But they couldn't help Hyunjin. 

No one could. The only person that could help him was...

No. Hyunjin shook his head. It wouldn't work. But maybe...

Sitting up Hyunjin opened his contacts in his phone. Scrolling through until he found the person he needed. He paused, his finger hovering over the call button. It was a long shot. A tiny chance that the person would help him. But he had to try. He didn't know how much longer he could live without Jeongin. 

With a deep breath, he hit call. 





Hyunjin hung his head. He wasn't going to pick up. 







Hyunjin's head shot up at the sound the deep voice. A small smile appeared on his face.


There was a sigh the other end of the line. 

"What do you want Hyunjin?" Hyunjin's face fell at the heavy disapproval in the other's voice. 

"I... I need your help" 

Another sighed rang through the phone, causing a pit of sadness to appear in Hyunjin's stomach. 

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