Chapter 27

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"Felix!" Jeongin called as he sprinted down the hallway. The blond looked up from his locker confused.

"I have a problem" Jeongin whispered, breathing heavily.

"another one?" Felix sighed closing his locker.

"Yes," Jeongin replied exasperated. "A proper one this time" Felix raised an eyebrow and started in the direction of the classroom.

"What is it this time?" Felix asked, clearly not taking the situation seriously.

"So you know last night you left at the end of the meal?" Felix nodded, still not very interested. "Well after that me and Hyunjin went for a walked by the river and-"

"you guys kissed" Felix interpreted, a playful grin on his face.

"No no, of course not" Jeongin defended while blushing deeply. Felix raised his eyebrows again but stopped to listen to what the younger had to say.

"Well, we didn't kiss then, although we were close" Jeongin explained. Felix let out a squeal of excitement, making the younger blush more. "but he did walk me back to my flat and we stood outside the door for a really long time just staring at each other and my mind was like you should kiss him but then I didn't and I went inside but changed my mind and ran after him and-

"You kissed him" Felix finished off.

"Only on the cheek though" Jeongin lied, but blushed none the less even deeper and stared at his shoes. Although he trusted his friend, he didn't think that he could tell him just yet. Felix smiled brightly and wrapped an arm around his friend.

"Welcome to the world of love my friend," Felix said as he guided the younger into the classroom.

"Love? What are you talking about?" Jeongin question.

"Oh come on, you guys are so in love I can basically hear the wedding bells" Felix replied, a hint of annoyance coming through.

"But we're just friends" Jeongin mumbled. Felix snorted and slumped down in his seat.

"If you're just friends then I must be an alien" Jeongin blushed again and stared at the weathered wood of the desk. Was he in love?

"But... but... I don't want to be in love" Jeongin said softly. Felix sat bolt upright in his seat. The blond stared at his friend as if he had just grown extra head and were all cursing Changbin.

"What do you mean you don't want to be in love?" Felix half-shouted at the younger. A few heads turned in their direction, Felix bowed in apology and pulled his chair closer to Jeongin's.

"Jeongin..." Felix begins, in the tone of voice you use on someone who is fatally ill. "Why don't you want to be in love?" Jeongin sighed and began picking at the wood on the edge of his table.

"It's not that I don't want to be... it's more... I'm scared." Jeongin whispered, not looking up. "Hyunjin is this international superstar and I'm just Jeongin. I'm scared of what will happen and if I tell him how I feel he will just laugh in my face and turned away." Felix looked at his friend with sympathy.

"I think I really like him but I'm scared of what might happen if I do" Jeongin explained.

"Jeongin" Felix said in a firm voice causing the younger to look up. "I understand you're afraid, but you have to at least try, what would life be without any adventures, how do we know what will happen if we don't take risks" Jeongin nodded and looked back down at his table.

"Go out there and tell Hyunjin you love him and see what happens" Jeongin felt his heart leap at the words. "And if he shoots you down or laughs in your face, I will track him down and kick his butt" Jeongin giggled and looked up at his friend with a smile.

"Thank you, Felix," Jeongin smiled. "I'm glad I have you on my side" The blond smiled and leaned back in his chair.

"Well, that's what friends are for" Felix replied.

"But I won't confess just yet," Jeongin explained, sitting up straighter in his chair. "I need to make sure of my feeling before I make a jump like this"

"Good plan" Felix nodded; his face serious. Just then the teacher walked into the room.

"Settle down everyone, I know you're all still excited about yesterday, but we have work to do" The teacher called from the front. The class groaned and reluctantly turned their attention to the front. Just as Jeongin was pulling out his books he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

With a quick glance up to the front, Jeongin pulled out his phone and smiled.

Good morning Innie! Had a great time last night, hopefully, we can do it again soon.


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