a.76.) non-brOTP (Chad & Ichigo: Seeing Sadness)

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Chad watched as Ichigo stared out the window of the classroom. Neither one of them said anything about the Winter War that ended recently. There was an understanding between the two that Ichigo didn't want to talk about the war, so Chad simply didn't ask.

Despite being quiet a lot of thoughts ran through Chad's mind. "He misses the rest of our friends. I swore I would protect him and be his fists but in the long run I can't be anymore. All I can do is watch as he mentally crumbles."

A familiar and annoying voice came to his ears, causing him to turn his head to see the person stepping over. "I-Chi-Go!"

"What is it Keigo?"

"Since you're no longer busy with Shinigami business, that means you can come and karaoke with me and the ladies at a mixer I'm planning."

Ichigo turned to look at the male. "What girls would go to a mixer you plan?"

"That hurts!" Keigo's eyes watered in the typical over dramatic manner.

Ichigo stood up, his hands in his pocket as he headed out the room, likely to go to the roof. Mizurio stared after him. "What's his problem?"

"He misses Rukia." Chad spoke up.

"Oh." Mizurio looked at Keigo. "Yeah... bringing up a mixer was a bad idea."

"What's that supposed to mean!"

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