a.72 - Fluff (Inner World)

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Note: The fluff genre is a genre where there is a happy feeling. Some people mistake the genre as being a sub-genre of the romance genre, but it is actually not. It is a mirror genre to the hurt/comfort and angst genre.

a.72 ~ Fluff

Two bright teal eyes opened to a dark sky as the small body sat up. Toshiro looked around for a certain someone. "Hyorinmaru?"

His eyes settled on the giant dragon and a smile spread across his face. The dragon looked at him. "Young master... why are you here?"

"I couldn't sleep again."

"A nightmare again?"

"No... it was just a little to warm." The boy slid over to where the dragon was and settle down into the coils. "My mind is also racing. It's pretty nice being able to talk to you like this, though now that I'm in her my mind isn't racing anymore. You don't mind me being here do you?"

"Of course not. I enjoy your company young master. I do hope you fall asleep soon so that..." Hyorinmaru paused, realizing that the boy had already fallen asleep. The ice dragon morphed then into his humanoid form and carefully lifted the boy and set him into a dent in the snow. "Sleep well young master."

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