b.3 - Over 500 (Toshiro/Karin)

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With an ice coldness I don't need to think

Of the emotions that will pull me down

I don't have to think of the painful memories

Nor about the fact I don't belong anywhere

I can fully ignore all outside influences

And instead focus upon my honored duties

I watch the setting sun letting sun in front

Letting its beauty wash over my soul

Warming me without cracking the ice

I remain steadfast despite the storm

Constantly unwavering in my vindication

I shall not let myself feel anything

I think not even the noon day sun

Can warm my heart from the cold steel

It can't break me away despite being there

Beside me looking me in the eye

Pressing me to open up despite the cold

Making small cracks in the ice

Slowly the ice ends up cracking

Small cracks spiraling through the ice

I can't help but notice the sunlight

Despite having lived my entire life

Walking through an icy cold blizzard

My feet constantly sinking in the snow

My lips are chapped and dried

I think at first because of the cold

I then realize that nervous feeling

Beating deep down within my chest

Telling me that something is changing

Despite the fact I want things to remain

Watching the sun I begin to wonder

What I see in the sunlight beating down

It draws me towards the center

And yet I feel I can't get close

I can't let my world revolve around

The sun that would melt my ice

I feel in my heart this deep fear

I know not where it comes from

I know thought the nervousness

Comes from the place of the fear

I don't want to accept this feeling

A Shinigami should feel no fear

Yet when I look at her smiling face

I can't help but be drawn to the aura

The mystery draws me in so deep

The forbidden draws me in

Confusing my mind numbing it down

Not letting me figure things out

My body is normally cold as ice

Heats up around the cheeks

Heats up around the ears

My heart beat is heating up

Beating a strange rhythm

As the pressure builds up

I know that I want to protect

This sun that entered my life

The confusion as to why is there

I don't ask why anymore then ever

Questioning how these things work

That just isn't something I do

I'm scared of losing the sun

I'm scared of icing back up

I don't want to find myself back

At that place with no emotion

I went from a place so alone

To a place where I belonging

I want to grasp the sunshine

To always see it shining down

Causing my to grow as a person

Causing me to break out of my shell

Making me into a better person

Being my balance to my madness

Without realizing what was going on

I've come to finally realize

As strange as it may in fact sound

That I've fallen for the sunshine

That the sun has become my universe

That Karin is my center

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