a.37 - Canzone (Toshiro/Karin)

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His teal eyes watched her

His fingers tapping on

The bedroom windowsill

The classical music played

As she did her homework

A breeze blew through

His mind thinking of her

His emotions were a blur

His heartbeat gone begone

His throat wanted to trill

Hoped someone come to aid

His mind going over the footwork

The feelings completely all new

His thoughts were a blur

She was his mental anchor

No matter how forward brawn

His stomach started to swill

He was lectured by his blade

About the relationships framework

Based on how he acted in liey

To her his mind did anchor

He wanted to know the answer

Finding it was a marathon

And yet to find was his will

His nerves honestly frayed

He'd honestly do the brainwork

And yet he also did in fact rue

Could he ever find the answer

His mouth he felt would blabber

He felt like a complete moron

His thoughts would suddenly spill

If someone so honestly bade

His mouth going off like a firework

Understanding "it" between the two

His love outward he'd blabber

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