a.75) non-OTP (Masaki, Isshin & Toshiro)

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Two teal eyes stared at the two figures walking down the street, a man with dark hair and a woman with strawberry blond hair. The child's throat tightened and he hurried after the two, watching as the man went to get ice-cream from the stand. The woman turned to see him staring from behind the light post. "Hello."

The boy blinked a couple of times and then walked forward. "You can see me."

He looked at the man. "I take it you know Isshin." The boy remained silent as the man came back, his Adam's apple bobbing. The man handed the woman an ice-cream, only to blink a couple of times when she held the strawberry flavored ice cream out. "Here."

The man frowned while the boy stared, then held out his own. "Here."

"What... I can't give up mine."

"He likes mint. Plus..." The man sighed as the ice-cream was snatched from his hand. He didn't say anything.

"So you do know this little kiddo." She watched as the boy looked at the cone, turning it around. "He's not eating it."

"I'm right here." The boy stated firmly.

"Sorry. Why aren't you eating your ice-cream?"

Isshin sat down on the bench, folding his arms across his chest and pulling one leg up. "He's always eaten ice-cream from a bowl." He watched as Masaki sat down and began to eat hers. The boy stared, then ate his.

Masaki laughed. "How did you manage to make such a young friend? I'd think that you would normally scare kids away."

"I'm not a kid." Toshiro finished the ice-cream. "Taicho's not coming back?"

Maskaki frowned, turning her head to Isshin. "He asks if you're not coming back."

"No. I can't."

"Ask him if he doesn't care about us?"

Maskai looked the child in the eyes, noting how beautiful the two orbs were. "Isshin saved me from becoming something nasty because he owed me. That wasn't the only reason though."

"What do you mean?"

"If I turned into something nasty I might have hurt you." The woman reached up and touched the child's face. "Still... how was he lucky enough to meet something as adorable as you?"

"I'm the one whose lucky." The boy startled, seeing a striped hat man off to the side. "I've got to go. I won't say anything."

The woman sighed. "Urahara's going to modify his memory, isn't he."

"Yes..." Isshin looked at the ground.

"Do you regret leaving that little one?"

"A little. Toshiro's... he's special."

"What did he mean that he's lucky to have found you?"

"That child..." Isshin sighed. "Tell me... how close is his spiritual pressure to mine when I ended up sealed up."

"It's icy... not fiery."

"I don't mean that."

"It's quite powerful."

"Child nearly killed his granny and hand no choice but to become a Shinigami."

"Life must be hard."

"Yes. You aren't wrong in saying I'm lucky to know him."

"You want kids?"

"If they're like Toshiro and not Ganju? Oh yeah."

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