a.68 - Unnamed Character (Granny Time)

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A little old lady sat on the wooden porch of her house. She didn't move until she sensed an icy spiritual pressure coming her way. A white haired child appeared and she reached her hands up and he slipped into her arms. Her rough, old hand ruffled the white head of hair. "It is good to see you Toshiro."

"It is good to see you granny."

"Any news of Momo." The old woman felt the boy flinch in her arms.

"She's... fine." The boy looked away.

The woman continued to ruffle his hair. "Will Momo be coming to visit any time soon?"

"I don't know." The boy leaned into the old woman's shoulder. "She has a new taicho."

"Oh... would you tell her I wish to see her?"

"I've tried."

"She's not speaking to you again?" Silence proceeded this comment.

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