a.52 - 200-300 (Babies Come From)

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Toshiro sat in the kitchen with Yuzu watching as the girl made dinner. Karin was upstairs doing her homework and had yelled at him for looking over her shoulder. Ichigo of course wasn't home and he didn't like being around Kon. He hoped the substitute would in fact get home soon. Yuzu looked up at him suddenly and asked a strange question. "So... have you and Karin started making babies?"

"Why would we want to make babies?" The boy stared at her, not understanding why the comment had come up.

"I mean..." Yuzu frowned. "I don't exactly mean making babies. You know... I'm asking you if the two of you have... well, you know."

"I don't know."

"You know... how babies are made."

"We've made no plans to make babies, so we have not been to the hospital to see the person who makes babies." Toshiro stated firmly. "And we're not even dating."

Yuzu blinked a couple of times. "Wait... you don't know how babies are made? My dad had that conversation with Karin and I years ago."

Toshiro frowned. "Of course I know how babies are made. The person who is the head of the hospital makes them. Everyone knows that."

Yuzu blinked a couple of times again. She then headed to the stairs. "Karin!"

"What!" The darker haired twin came down stairs.

"Karin... Toshiro thinks that babies are brought by the stork."

"No... I said babies are brought by the person who runs the hospital."

"Uncle Ryuken? That would flip him out." The girl walked over and whispered into Toshiro's ear causing the boy to suddenly blush a deep, deep red.

"You're sister's a pervert thinking we were doing that!"

"Hey!" Yuzu glared at Toshiro.

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