a.90 - Most Used Character (Toshiro)

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Toshiro leaned up against the guardrail as he watched the sunset. His soul phone was in his hand, but he wasn't using it. He hoped that a certain black haired girl around his size would come, but he honestly couldn't be sure of this fact. Karin's school life had gotten busier as she approached middle school and was even more busy now that she was in it.


The boy flinched upon hearing Momo's voice. He watched as the girl approached him. "What do you want Hinamori?"

"I wanted to see how you were doing."

"Did you get your permission from your taicho to be here?"

"I'm not that stupid. I came with taicho to take care of some buisness in the world of the living. He said you were here."

"You're on duty right now."

"And you're not?"

"Why would I be on duty?"

"Because you're in the world of the living."

"She has a point." Toshiro looked at the sky. "Actually... if she finds out that I'm spending my free time coming to the world of the living she'll lecture me about the rules. Everything is black and white for her."

"Isn't there something else that you're not wanting her to find out about?"

"Like what?"

"I see that you found a sunset spot." Momo's words caused Toshiro to suddenly flinch. "This is a nice place."

"I don't want her here!"

"Remember when we watched the sunset when we were little?"

"That is completely irrelevant."

"Irrelevant? What is wrong with me watching the sunset with you Shiro-chan?"

"Seriously... could you not call me that? It's Hitsugaya Taicho. And anyways... this spot is private."

"Stop being so childish!" Momo placed her hands on her hips.

"What is wrong with me wanting to be alone?"

"Try the fact you really didn't come here to be alone."

"What's wrong with me wanting to enjoy the sunset with you?"

"I told you this place is private and private means private!"

Momo opened her mouth to say something when a voice of another female pierced the air. "Hey, Toshiro... whose the other Shinigami?"

Momo's face suddenly paled. Toshiro wasn't sure if it was because Karin revealed the fact she could see Shiigami or if something else was bothering her. "Who is she?"

Toshiro tilted his head back. "She's Kurosaki's sister."

"Toshiro... I asked first. It would be polite to answer my question first." Karin's words of corue caused Momo to bristle up.

Toshiro's words caused her to bristle up even more. "Nobody..."

"Nobody! I'm your sister. To imply that her question should be answered before your sister's question..."

"... doesn't mean squat. It is polite to answer people's questions in the order they are asked." Karin folded her arms across her chest. "There was a reason you didn't want me to know who she is, isn't there?"

"We used to be siblings."

"What do you mean used to!" Momo snapped

"We're not blood related. You didn't care."

"You're mean!"

Karin sighed. "Good grief."

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