a.74 - brOTP - (Ichigo & Toshiro: Paper Work and Nap Time)

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Ichigo arrived at the tenth division and frowned at the level of paperwork. He couldn't see Toshiro sitting at his desk and stepped over. "Yo!"

He watched as the boy started and papers scattered. "Don't do that Kurosaki!"

Ichigo picked up the papers while Toshiro scurried after the paperwork. "Do you need some help?"

"Not really."

"I've helped before... and it doesn't look like you need help."

Toshiro sighed. "All right. It doesn't look like Matsumoto is going to be back any time soon."

Ichigo set to work on the paperwork, working away until he heard Rangiku come in. The woman looked over at her small taicho's desk with a worried look. Despite the piles shrinking the small taicho couldn't be seen. Ichigo stood up and walked over to find that Toshiro had fallen asleep. Letting out a sigh he bent down and pulled the boy onto his back and lifted him up so that he was piggybacking.

Rangiku's eyes widened. "What are you doing?"

"What I've always done when he's stayed at my place." Ichigo's confusion caused the corners of his mouth two twist down slightly and his eyes to widened.

"He let you? Actually... he's stayed at your place at the world of the living."

"Yeah... where is his room?"

"I usually just place him on the couch or just leave him."

"Come on... it's not that big of a deal." Ichigo watched as Rangiku sighed, only to proceed towards the small captains quarters. A few of the division members started, blinking at the procedure. They weren't used to seeing the small taicho treated like... well... a child.

Rangiku opened up the door and Ichigo slipped in, letting the child slip off his back gently onto the bed. He then proceeded to remove Toshiro's haori and fold it at the side of the bed as well as remove the socks and sandals. After this he tucked the boy gently on the sheets. Ichigo turned to leave only for a small hand to reach up and grab his sleeve. Toshiro muttered half awake, "don't go."

Ichigo sighed and flopped down onto the bed besides Toshiro, his arms folded behind his head. Toshiro's hand gripped the orange haired youth's clothing. Ichigo turned his head to Rangiku. "Something the matter Rangiku-san?"

"I've not seen him like this since... well, since the previous taicho left. He acts like this all the time at your house?"

"I think it has to do with the fact Toshiro picked up on his rieatsu without realizing it. It's kind of... this thing that you get used to once you know it."

Rangiku's eyes widened. "You mean..." A smile spread on her face. "I don't think the only reason is because he's at that place. You're one of them. It explains a lot."

"I noticed some of the division members staring."

"Don't worry about it. Sure, taicho may be uncomfortable with the conversations they have when he gets up because he's embarrassed. They missed seeing that."

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