a.69 - Inanimate Object (Amanatto Sweets)

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Toshiro found himself biting the inside of his mouth as it salivated. His small hands clenched against the seat of his pants and his eyes widened with childish excitement. He however could not give in to the temptation to act in a childish manner even if it meant having his favorite treat, he was above that.

The treat had been brought in by Isane, another batch of Unohana's special treats created by mashing up the sweet goodness of amanatto. He had discovered a long time ago that the treats Unohana prepared with the amanatto candy were really good, mouth watering even.

And Unohana knew he liked them, the sweet treats.

She was honestly worse the Madarame Ikkaku thinking that he could be bought with bribes involving sweets. One thing he did know was that she was serious about something... about him going for a physical exam that was over do... getting some rest... taking a break... when she sent the sweets. She had also discovered that he was more likely to comply to the threat of being bribed then to the threat of physical harm. Physical harm almost always caused him to run.

It didn't though make him take a break or rest until later as he wouldn't be caught dead eating sweets. His view point on the matter was that he could not, nor should he not eat the treats. He had a reputation to keep up and if he let Unohana or even Ukitake bribe him then others might as well. Rangiku, Ikkaku... you name it. Nope... he'd settle for the secret treat she'd sneak into his room. How she did it he honestly didn't know.

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