a.55 - Exactly 200 (Teddy Bear)

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Toshiro's cheeks reddened as Karin flopped onto the edge of his bed and looked around his room. Despite the fact he tried to keep up the look of annoyance he simply looked embarrassed to have her there in his quarters. "I don't understand why you want to see my room. Actually, I don't see why you had to demand to see it unannounced like this."

"You've seen my room before."

"That's because you and your sister dragged me in to show me something despite the fact I honestly wasn't comfortable."

"And you would have hidden stuff." Karin grinned suddenly diving so that she grabbed a teddy bear from where the pillows were. "Who would have expected you to sleep with a stuffed animal?"

"For your information my taicho gave that to me. I'm lucky that my things came back after the war."

"You could put it on your shelf you know instead of the bed."

"It's not my fault I've been having nightmares again! And even if I wasn't he goes there during the day!" The room flared. "And how did you get there without your dad?"

"About that..."

The door slid open. "Karin? Oh... Toshiro, you still have that?"

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