a.94 - Under Three (Childish Taicho)

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Toshiro watched the captains as they stood, his mind wandering from boredom.

Yamamotto had a crisp white beard. The small taicho wanted to pull it. That though would be childish.

Soifon... let's just say she freaked Toshiro out.

Rose replaced Gin. Toshiro wasn't sure how he felt about this. He hadn't hated Gin.

Unohana was like a grandmother. Other people were afraid of her. Toshiro didn't like getting on her bad side, but he did like getting on her good side.

Shinji was cool. He was much better then Aizen. The man was crazy though for putting up with Momo.

Byakuya was nice. People didn't ever believe this, but he had been really nice after the war to the young taicho.

Komamura looked cool... enough said.

Kyoraku was a pervert... enough said.

Kensei looked cool. He acted cool too. His fukutaicho were both annoy though.

He hated himself... enough said.

Kenpachi was weird. He was supposed to be the strongest and not like cute things. His fukutaicho was obviously cute though.

Mayuri was creepy... enough said.

Ukitake was nice. He looked out for Toshiro. He gave the child taicho sweets.

"Hitsugaya Taicho?"

"Yes?" Toshiro looked back at Yamamotto.

"Are you paying attention?"

"Not really..."

"I apologize for our youngest taicho."

"No," Shini piped up. "It's understand that he would be interested in us as we're new."

"Had I really been that obvious. And don't I know about them? I guess I want to know whether I can trust them or not."

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