a.28 - Pindaric Ode (My Mother's Wedding Day)

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I feel my throat tighten

Looking at the bride

Her strawberry hair

Cascading down shoulders

The days been long waited

My heart skips a beat

Yet in my stomach

There's a sickening feeling

I tug at my kimono front

Her own looking so pretty

Her face glowing as well

I know that I'm happy

But I'm honestly not

My feelings mixed

The right person

Is she marrying

I'm not the father

That walks the bride

I should feel this way

My hand behind back

A kiss on forehead

Touching sweaty brow

Promise things will be

All right in end

Hands behind back

Nervousness still there

Should be the bride

That feels this way

Taking a deep breath

She looks at me

A smile glowing

And she speaks to me

Her hands grasp mine

She knows my feelings

She knows what bothers

What is eating away at me

I'll have a father she says

I'll have a family

They'll accept me

She knows they will

Someone didn't get to know me

So I'm not sure about that

Her hands are soft

Her hands are comforting

She looks like an angel

She looks so very happy

I get to see her this way

Seeing her so pleased

I feel guilty

Not liking this

Doubting her choice

Like I am

I only need her though

I don't "need" a father

We've done fine on our own

We don't need a man

I admit there are other feelings

She's always cared

Its never been him

Can't I be enough

It's my mothers wedding day

She is happy today

I'll swallow my pride

As well as my nervousness

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