a.66 - A's View On... (Immunization)

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In Toshiro's opinion needles were just miniature swords, very miniature swords. The main reason he hated getting physical exams was because he could feel the edge of those tine swords being stuck into him. The sensation was honestly worse then having to strip down his clothing to his waist in front of someone. Having a needle break off in ones arm was also far worse then having a blade break off... not that he'd actually had that occur.

Unohana told him she would tan his hide if he didn't remain through the entire exam, but the needle in his arm was honestly the last straw. He shunpooed back to the tenth division without realizing that his eyes were still watering. One hand covered where the needle had broke. Rangiku looked up at him. "You're examination done?"

"Yes." His voice squeaked in an embarrassing manner.

"That bad?"

"That obvious?" Toshiro sat down and began to work on his paper work, trying to ignore everything around him as he did so. The pain in his arm wouldn't go away.

Hyorinmru let out a sigh. "You really need someone to remove that for you."

"Hitsugaya Taicho..." Isane's voice caused the boy to jump out of his seat.

Rangiku looked up, a frown on her face. "Taicho... did you actually remain through the entire examination like you were supposed to."

Toshiro swallowed. Isane took a deep breath. "No... he didn't."

"Taicho... you know Unohana made it clear..."

"I'll talk to Unohana about this." Isane walked over. "I need to get that broken needle out of your arm." Toshiro swallowed. She then said the dreaded words. "I need to also still give you another shot as well as a tetanus shot as well."

An uncontrolled whimper escaped his mouth. Rangiku stood up, a worried look on her face. She walked over and placed her hands on his shoulder. "Taicho... I want you to hold onto my arm."

"I'm not a child Matsumoto." The boy looked at her, the embarrassment in his eyes.

"Taicho..." The woman lowered her left arm so that his small hands could grip onto the forearm while the other wrapped gently around his chest area. She watched as he closed his eyes and his fingers dug in causing his fingers to turn white as well as the skin near where he pressed his small fingers in.

Isane brought out the tweezers and proceeded to pull out the needle, causing the grip to tighten even more. Then came the two shots and bandages over the place where they had gone in. The woman left. Rangiku let out a sigh. "Why is it you can handle being stabbed with a blade but not small needles."

Toshiro didn't speak at first, but by the time Rangiku got to her desk he had something to say. "Needles are very, very tiny blades that aim themselves at a very concentrated place."

Rangiku let out another sigh, this one much deeper.

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