b.2 - Over 30 (Matsumoto's Angel)

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This child before me is my angel

His wings match his white locks

His eyes are like a beautiful sea

His cheeks are flushed rosy soft

His skin is like that of a baby

My angel brings me such delight

Making every day more beautiful

Bringing me hope for myself to live

His voice is soft and unsure of himself

But when he sees me he lights up

His locks cascade down into his face

The rain pours down making it stick

To his beautiful soft skin that gleams

I take a towel to dry those sweet strands

Watching the cute scowl on his lips

His eyes reflect such great wisdom

There is a beautiful curiosity there

They sparkle with life and beauty

With a good deal of determination

And yet there is confusion there too

He keeps trying to be so perfect

And yet I know that he already is

I don't want him to change

I want him to stay the same

To always be this little babe

I want him to be easily pushed

To become embarrassed by hugs

To pull away from my touch

His flushed cheeks blushed up

As I baby him despite his cries

My angel is my baby, my dream

No matter how old he gets

He'll always be my little one

Always with this childish innocence

His heart always full of love

He stares out the window

Watching the world go by

Wishing for time to go faster

But I watch as time stands still

I watch to capture the moments

My baby angel is a treasure

It is something left to me

The one reflection of that man

The man who left me behind

His horns piercing his memory

And yet that child is no demon

He's a sweet, sweet angel

His lips soft and giving kind words

His eyes watching the world go by

Hoping to not deal with the evils

Through his eyes I see the world anew

I see the world as an angel would

Instead of trying to see through

The mystery of a devils eyes

It is a peaceful calming light

As I watch though I wonder

What would I do if the devils came

To try and make this angels world

Come crashing down around him

Trying to take him away from me

I couldn't care to lose him

I never want him to disappear

I don't want the demons to take him

I want him by my side always

Always full of that innocent innocence

I break, I break at the though

Of the ice shattering away

Of melting so it is no more

Of the angel wings breaking forever

Of my world crashing down

I want to always hold that hand

Grasped within my own

Watching the lights dance around

Living in the peaceful warmth

Watching my angel smile away

I never want to let go

I never want to give up on him

I never want to lose this angel

I want him to always be mine

For him to always be there

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