Healing His Solitude - Aizen Sousuke Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Healing His Solitude - Aizen Midnight_Lilac
Sai. A once well known powerful shinigami who fought alongside the Captains of the Gotei 13. Her power was immense, possibly even stronger than all the Captains' reiatsu...
  • aizen
  • soulsociety
  • love
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The Double Edged Sword by Sidney_Manison
The Double Edged Swordby Yuri-chan Manson
  • orihime
  • renji
  • society
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Indra Kurosaki by Luna_Uchiha1
Indra Kurosakiby Luna Uchiha
What if Indra was reborn in the Bleach universe. What if his father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, decided to give him a second chance at life. Indra Otsutsuki now known as Indra...
  • uchiha
  • reborn
  • byakuya
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Parenting A Strawberry by animejumper1
Parenting A Strawberryby animejumper1
Ichigo turns into a child when he accidentally swallows a few pills that Grimmjow had in his pockets. Grimmjow decided to take him back to Las Noches and kill him if he...
  • bleach
  • children
  • espada
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Noble Love - Bleach (Kuchiki Byakuya x Oc x A bit of Various) by amaya9801
Noble Love - Bleach (Kuchiki アマヤ
[Previously titled "Cherry Blossom Illusion"] Yamamoto Asa, the granddaughter of Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, is one of Soul Society's prodigies. Besides bei...
  • bleach
  • fanfiction
  • anime
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Sakuras In Ice (A Bleach Fan fiction) by MikuMayu
Sakuras In Ice (A Bleach Fan Louni Antre
While walking down a certain forest in the outskirts of the Rokun Distirct, Captain Commander Yamamoto stumbled upon a peculiar sakura tree. Why peculiar? Because the fl...
  • love
  • snow
  • anime
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Ichigo's Twin Sister  by dark15wolf
Ichigo's Twin Sister by Scarlett
Miyuki is Ichigo's Twin little sister. They are always going to be there for each other, they will always love each other but what happens when one day ...
  • bleach
  • death
  • action
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ichigos sister (mute reader) by Otaku_lover_63
ichigos sister (mute reader)by Haylie Nash
Hi my names (Y/N) Kurosaki. I'm 18 years old and I've never meet my family except for my mom and dad after I heard that mom died I left home and I traveled the world wit...
  • bleach
  • action
  • fanfiction
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Fear The Reaper x RWBY by Gxninsanity
Fear The Reaper x RWBYby Gxninsanity
Y/n the Reaper The white fang,Salem and the entire world know him.Is he with or against ozpin?
  • yang
  • harem
  • weiss
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Lucy The Soul Reaper by Nashidragneel553
Lucy The Soul Reaperby Nashidragneel553
Every day when Master Makorav is not at the guild team Natsu and almost all of fairy tail is beating Lucy up with magic except a few who are her friend and they are Wend...
  • ichigoxlucy
  • bleach
  • bleachxfairytail
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No Longer Alone (Byakuya)  by AngelOfDarkness7o
No Longer Alone (Byakuya) by AngelOfDarkness7o
My Bleach fan-fic. Only my OC is mine and any other character that doesn't originally belong in Bleach(: This isn't my best story...but hope you enjoy it anyway(: Nothin...
  • loneliness
  • byakuya
  • pain
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(The Supstitute Soul Hero) Male reader X Yaoyorozu X Orihime by Imtatpersonop
(The Supstitute Soul Hero) Male Imtatperson op
Y/n kurosaki was a depressed child after his family died in a car crash. That was until when he was 9 he met yachiru. When he turned 15 he then entered U.A where his lif...
  • malereaderxorihime
  • zanpakuto
  • momo
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naruto : the rogue shinigami by luciusuchihanamikaze
naruto : the rogue shinigamiby
What if when Minato summoned the Shinigami to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto, he unlocked a power that was dormant within Naruto, after which he is then taken away from Kon...
  • bleach
  • naruto
The Hotspring Demon by TheBoarSin
The Hotspring Demonby StaidAlarm42056
Naruto has had enough of the village. Ever since he got Sasuke back, he was left in the dark. But the same can be said for them. So he runs away, but not before he takes...
  • crossoverfanfiction
  • medicnaruto
  • bleachxnaruto
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Byakuya Older Sister by Sunshine131929
Byakuya Older Sisterby Sunshine131929
Emiko Kuchiki older sister of Byakuya Kuchiki was the heart of the kuchiki clan, always kind and cheerful she didn't care if you were a noble or a 'rukongai rat' but wha...
  • sajin
  • fanfiction
  • bleachfanfiction
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Celestial Captain (Bleach / Fairy Tail Crossover) (On Break) by Lucy-Kirkland
Celestial Captain (Bleach / Lucy Kirkland
The war in Fiore is over but Lucy had to use a forbidden spell to save everyone. It gives her treble nightmares and scares Lucy allot. She is cared of hurting her friend...
  • love
  • lucy-heartfilia
  • friendship
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Death Do Us Part [Toshiro Hitsugaya Love Story] by trailofdreamers_xo
Death Do Us Part [Toshiro trailofdreamers_xo
What if Ichigo Kurosaki had a Twin Sister that he knew nothing about, what will happen when he is to save Rukia from her execution in the soul society, will Ichigo run i...
  • anime
  • bleach
  • bleachfanfiction
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Izuku's Full Howl awakens by Raorik
Izuku's Full Howl awakensby Raorik
Izuku just arrived at his summer camp where he will train his quirk and push beyond his limits with his classmates also training to enhance their quirks. Izuku is had a...
  • bnha
  • izuku
  • shinigami
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Shinigami Dream (Ichigo x Reader) by Katie_right1738
Shinigami Dream (Ichigo x Reader)by Katie_right1738
{ I don't own you, Bleach, pictures, or ichigo I just own the plot that's it } You are a badass girl who works as a lawyer who just finished high school. You are rich an...
  • fanfic
  • anime
  • ichigo
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A Second Chance As Skull (bleach x Katekyo Hitman Reborn)  by Zero-1307
A Second Chance As Skull (bleach Zero-1307
After Ulquiorra died in his fight against Ichigo at that moment he wanted to understand what a heart is and experience emotions Well fate has brought him back to life a...
  • reincarnated
  • ulquiorra
  • arcobaleno
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