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What? Where am I? (Toshiro x Reader) by anime_freak10
What? Where am I? (Toshiro x septiplier_phan10
You are just a normal Girl in your own basic world and you absolutely love the anime Bleach and while watching it the power went out and you decide to go to bed. But whe...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • strongestsoulreaperever
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The Unknown [Bleach Fanfic] by Rin_Chi_Hatake
The Unknown [Bleach Fanfic]by HIATUS
100 years ago, Shinji Hirako, Rojuro Otoribashi, Mashiro Kuna, Love Aikawa, Hiyori Sarugaki, Lisa Yadomaru, Hichigen Ushoda, Kensei Muguruma, Kisuke Urahara, Tessai Tsuk...
  • romance
  • theunknown
  • hogyoku
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Survivor (Bleach Fanfiction) by kurai_yuri
Survivor (Bleach Fanfiction)by kurai_yuri
Kohaku wasn't an ordinary Shinigami. She was the lieutenant of Squad 6 under Ginrei Kuchiki, and what's more was that she was only twelve years old. She was Ginrei's lie...
  • anime
  • society
  • soul
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Sakuras In Ice (A Bleach Fan fiction) by MikuMayu
Sakuras In Ice (A Bleach Fan Louni Antre
While walking down a certain forest in the outskirts of the Rokun Distirct, Captain Commander Yamamoto stumbled upon a peculiar sakura tree. Why peculiar? Because the fl...
  • hitsugaya
  • toshiro
  • kuchiki
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Bound to Him [Bleach Aizen Sousuke FanFiction] by _shiro_usagi_
Bound to Him [Bleach Aizen Jane Sakura
Fujinami Hikari. A fifteen year old girl who had a health issue. Ever since she was a child, she was frequently had to returned to the hospital because of her weak condi...
  • aizensousuke
  • fanfiction
  • aizen
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The One Raised By Grimm by sewlatka
The One Raised By Grimmby sewlatka
Y/n was the adopted son Of Summer Rose and Taiyang xiao Long. They found him as an infant getting approached by a group of Beowolfs so they 'saved him' and took him back...
  • reader
  • harem
  • abused
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The Angel Of Death by Nagisa514
The Angel Of Deathby Nagisa Kokushibyō
An Archangel (Seraph) who had left heaven to be close to humans was lost for hundreds of years, what happens when he rejoins the Supernatural world again Highschool DXD...
  • supernatural
  • kingofdeath
  • shinigami
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Whisper | #WATTYS 2017 by sabrina_d_
Whisper | #WATTYS 2017by Insomniacpsycho
"What the hell.... am I getting myself into?" 16 year old Ami just moved to Karakura to live with her cousin, Ichigo and his family. There's fight, love, hate...
  • harem
  • soulreaper
  • bleach
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By Their Side (BTS)(Hobi) by KatieGaming
By Their Side (BTS)(Hobi)by Kuroko
Gaining more popularity, the K-Pop group Bangtan Boys (BTS) is searching for a new member. While moving to Korea to study abroad at an all boys school, Cha Kim Tae arriv...
  • jin
  • whatismylife
  • excuseme
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White Moon {Bleach} by MizukiHitsugaya
White Moon {Bleach}by MizukiHitsugaya
Mizuki Atsuko Nanami is a random girl who appears before the Gotei 13 to be a high-ranking official. She is strong and can be wise - despite her childish moments - and s...
  • love
  • histugaya
  • zanpakuto
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Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story] by tepiiangel
Wanted [Grimmjow X OC story]by tepii
|| First Place in Grimmjow - Spring 2017 Bleach Watty Awards || He felt her small reiatsu in the distance. It was higher then everyone else's, but compared to the shinga...
  • jaegerjaques
  • bleach
  • espada
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Seme Male reader x Various Males~ by Namjin_Saranghae
Seme Male reader x Various Males~by Namjin_Saranghae
Yaoi ~^^~) You can make requests ;) Start: 03/13/18 End: ?
  • love
  • gay
  • anime
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Grimmjow X reader lemon by mariaelenamorfin
Grimmjow X reader lemonby 💠Ŵɦɨtɛ Ďɛʍօռ💠
A heated and seductive, dominant encounter with the one and only panther in Hueco Mundo. Will the kitty learn to tame a wild she-wolf or will the she-wolf tame the beast...
  • fanstasy
  • orihime
  • grimmjow
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Fighting Isn't The Only Thing (Bleach Kenpachi Zaraki Love Story) by Captain-Hime
Fighting Isn't The Only Thing ( Doll
Aria Kurami was a strong 20 year old woman. She lived alone and went to college. She also had a bad reputation of fighting, but she can also see spirits and strange mons...
  • fanfiction
  • kenpachi
  • zaraki
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Urahara's Project by Chocochibi
Urahara's Projectby choco_late~
toshiro X oc I copied this concept. kind of. Toshiro in love with a human
  • hitsugayaxoc
  • urahara
  • hitsugayatoshiro
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Anime One-shots ❤ by XxXJudeXxX
Anime One-shots ❤by Jude Pagan
Feel free to make requests if you want but if I haven't seen the Anime I probably won't do it This is gonna be a book for the Anime fan fiction I write! I made this bec...
  • blackbutler
  • angst
  • bleach
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The Cherry And The Strawberry (Bleach Fanfic) by KristinaPerez2
The Cherry And The Strawberry ( iLoveSuoh💋
Cherī Zaraki is an average teenager.. At least that's what everybody else thinks of her. Cherī is actually a Soul Reaper. Her parents are Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shi...
  • matsumotorangiku
  • ichigo
  • love
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Bleach One-Shots and Lemons by ItMakesThemDisappear
Bleach One-Shots and Lemonsby ItMakesThemDisappear
One-Shots and Lemons for Bleach. (Discontinued)
  • toshiro
  • kisukeurahara
  • bleachlemons
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Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios by balder614
Bleach Boyfriend Scenariosby Kira
The title says it all. Hope you all like it.
  • bleach
  • fanfiction
  • scenarios
The Dirty Diaries ~ Aizen Sousuke Edition by Kiltia
The Dirty Diaries ~ Aizen Kiltia
A collection of (mostly) smutty one-shots and headcanons involving the best villain in Bleach - Aizen Sousuke. Notes: ♥︎ Smutty Bleach silliness ♥︎ VERY NSFW themes! ♥︎...
  • sousuke
  • aizensousuke
  • tiafics
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