a.49 - 150-200 (Ill)

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Rangiku knew something was wrong when she arrived at the division office to find it empty. Her small taicho was always there early. Checking the desk she found no note telling here where he had gone, so she went to check his room. Sliding the door open she peeked in, seeing that he was still in bed lying on his side. A cough from the child taicho caused her to suddenly sigh. "You've over worked yourself again."

This caused him to sit up in a rather shaky manner. "I'm fine. I'll get to work."

"No you won't." The woman snapped causing the boy to collapse as soon as she did. Sighing she went over and touched his brow. "As I thought... you have a fever."

"The paperwork..."

"No, you get some rest." The woman flinched upon seeing the horrified look he gave her. "All right, all right. I'll double my share today if not more. I'll also make sure that you're taken care of. If you don't rest then I'll tan your hide. You know I'll do it to."

The boy sighed, flopping back down.

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