a.13 - Acrostic (Isshin and Kaien)

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I always found him annoying

Sometimes I wished he'd leave me alone

Sometimes now I find I miss him

He always made my life harder

In those ways so hard to explain

Never leaving me alone

Always there twenty-four seven

Narcissistic tendencies he kept faking

Dreadful encounters of embarrassment

Kyoraku influencing him horribly

Asking me to always switch places

Inconveniencing me with Miyako

Enjoying ever single minute of it

Napping at the oddest of hours

Arguing me over the smallest things

Remembering my birthday never

Eyes blinking when I remind him

Trapping about pulling pranks

Winking at me so merily

Indicating he'd gotten in trouble

Never, ever leaving me alone

Sometimes now I find I miss it

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