a.56 - Exactly 400 (Ichigo//Rukia - Cold Rain)

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Rukia stood outside of Ichigo's window as the rain poured down looking up at the sky. There was no point in going into the room as he could no longer see her. A conversation she had with Orihime crossed her mind, about when the other girl asked if she liked Ichigo. She had said no but in fact it had been a lie. She wondered why she had in fact lied.

The first thought that crossed her mind was the idea that she had denied the fact she liked Ichigo because he looked like Kaien-dono and it would imply that the reason she liked Ichigo was because she had a crush on Kaien-dono. Every time she thought about her possibly having a crush on Kaien-dono she brushed it away though, reminding herself that she simply admired him... and his wife as well.

Another memory passed her mind and she remembered that she had a similar conversation with Kiyone about Kaien-dono after he had died. She had asked if she had liked Kaien-dono. There was no mentioning of Kiyone also liking him, or there being a group club. The only similarity was that Rukia had emphatically denied the fact she had a crush on Kaien-dono. In fact, she didn't.

Something clicked then as she looked through the window watching Ichigo do his homework. She had denied the feeling not because she thought it would prove that she had feelings for Kaien-dono but she feared people telling her that she liked Ichigo not for himself but because he was like Kaien-dono. In truth there was some merit to this.

In her admiration of Kaien and Miyako-dono she had wanted the relationship they had. It wasn't because she crushed on Kaien-dono but that she recognized that she liked the relationship they had with each other and wanted to not just emulate Miyako-dono but have a romantic relationship like her idol had. She had in fact found it and also thrown it away.

Letting out a sigh as her hand streaked down the window pushing the water out of the way she looked at the ground. Kaien-dono would have teased her for her thoughts, told her she was thinking to much about things. He would have also teased her about the guy she liked, not so much about how much said guy was like him... but for some other reason she couldn't really place.

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