a.92 - Two Dividers (Gin's Truth)

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Toshiro looked in through the crack in the door. His body tensed up as he didn't like the fact the two were arguing. The boy's hand gripped the door hoping he wouldn't be noticed by the two people in the room. They were arguing about him, causing him to wonder if he had done something wrong.


Gin knew Rangiku wouldn't take the truth well. The woman broke into rant about the small taicho and how it was cruel. Sometimes her voice would raise and the tone sharpen so that someone who was listening would in fact hear that the conversation in question was about Toshiro, but not the actual content.

Gin felt the presence of the small taicho and turned his head to see that the small child was staring at them, a horrified look on his face. "Ran..." The woman wouldn't stop. "Ran." The woman also didn't see the boy. "Ran-chan!"


Rangiku felt hurt when Gin told her the truth. She had not been able to hold that precious child in her arms. She became angrier and angrier, her words becoming harsh and not honestly making much sense. Gin tried getting her to stop, but she didn't care. A sharp bark caused her to flinch. It was then that she noticed that the child in question was staring at them.

"Taicho..." The boy flinched. "What did you hear?" The boy backed away slightly. "Taicho! Get your butt in here!"

The child came in, his hands behind his back. "Have I done something wrong?"

"No! You haven't?"

"Then why are the two of you yelling about me."

"Taicho... your persecution complex is getting in the way."

"Don't brush this off as simply being a part of his persecution complex. I tried talking to you while he wasn't around so this wouldn't happen." Gin snapped.

Rangiku stared at the man. Toshiro though had something to say. "Why is Gin standing up for me?"

"Taicho..." Rangiku took a deep breath.

"Did I do something to anger you Matsumoto?"

"No. I did." Gin spoke up.

"Wouldn't it just be easier to let her blame things on me?"

"No!" Rangiku chocked out the words. "I'm not blaming anything on you. If anything it's both Gin and my fault."

"I don't understand. I am the subject of this conversation, am I not?"


"Don't tell him. It will just upset him."

Rangiku tensed up. "Gin... you've no right! You've no right to interfere in his life! Not when you stepped out like you did."

Toshiro stepped farther into the room, confusion on his face. Gin glared at the woman. "I do have the right to say something!"

"Why are the two of you talking like my parents?" The two looked at the boy to see he was no longer upset. The two froze, not sure how to proceed with said conversation.

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