a.77) Enmity (Gin and Momo)

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The silver haired man was back, forgiven as if nothing had happened whereas her former taicho had been placed in lock down. Hinamori Momo heard the words "double spy", but didn't feel that the man playing double agent was enough to forgive him for his crimes.

Perhaps what really bothered her was the fact another silver haired male had suddenly grown close with the man when he reappeared while she had instead grown away from the white haired child. Momo peeked around the corner at Ichimaru Gin as he sat chatting away with Hitsugaya Toshiro. The child taicho had an actual smile on his face and did most of the talking while Gin listened and smiled at the boy, his smile nothing like the creepy grin he normally had.

Momo took a deep breath, her nostrils flaring. "How is it that he is able to get Shiro-chan to smile when I'm not able to? How is it that Shiro-chan is able to forgive that man when he isn't able to forgive me? I mean, Shiro-chan and my relationship should in fact be on the mend but it is in fact not. Yet here he is gabbing a man who ran away time after time. It isn't fair."

"I'd appreciate it if you would stop staring at Ichimaru as if you want to kill him. I guarantee you that the results wouldn't be pretty."

Momo startled and turned to see Shinji picking his nose. "You wouldn't step in and rescue me taicho?"

"I don't know. I don't like the idea of getting on Gin-chan's bad side. He doesn't exactly like you either ya know."

"He doesn't like anybody except Rangiku... and I guess Shiro-chan."

"You'd be surprised who he likes. He likes me. Still calls me taicho. Doesn't change the fact he has a temper. Actually... he likes a good portion of the older members of the Gotei Thirteen. The only two people I've ever seen him have true animosity towards was Aizen and yourself."

"Why? I've done nothing wrong to him? I always stayed away form him." Momo watched as her taicho looked away. "What? What is it?"

Shinji reached up to suddenly scratch his head. "Look... how to put this. It is true that you've done nothing wrong from him personally. It's also true that you try keeping a certain distance between the two. Which is why I actually didn't expect you to try to kill him despite the fact I know you want to, the idiot you are."

"You've just confirmed what I said!"

"Baka! You didn't let me finish. While all of that is true, it is also true that you've done wrong by Hitsugaya Taicho. Gin-chan's the type to watch peoples interactions with others and he would have noticed how ill you've treated that brat in the past. You're supposed to be his sister, but you neglected him."

"He's got no connections though to Shiro-chan!"

"Does he?" Shinji continued. "The way I see it, he does."

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