a.88 - ABC Twice (Twins)

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Toshiro watched the four Quincy girls. He knew the purple haired girl's name was Bambietta, but he didn't know why he knew this. The feeling could very much be described as being familiar. The oldest Quincy female glared at him in a very exasperated manner. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

"I just..." Toshiro found himself exasperated in a different way. He looked away, his nervousness getting the better of him.

"I didn't notice you." Bambietta piped up.

"How can you not have noticed him?" The youngest shook her head. "I mean... I had this creepy feeling."

"Creepy feeling? Off of him." Bambietta smiled at him, but he didn't notice as he was looking down. "I know you? Right?"

"You know him because Gigi got him just like she got you." The oldest Quincy female shook her blond hair.

"No..." The girl left the group and walked over. "You're Shiro-kun, right?"

Toshiro opened his mouth to respond in the affirmative, only to find himself to nervous to say anything. The girl with the biggest chest spoke up instead. "Bambietta-chan... are you sure you should be acting friendly towards him? I know that he's cute... but..."

"Cute?" The older girl snorted through her nose. "What's the point of him being cute when he's a little kid. He's too young to be any fun."

"I'm not a little kid!" Toshiro's head darted up.

"You're stalking Bambi-chan. How is that not acting childish?" The youngest asked.


"He's not stalking me." Bambietta piped up.

The oldest raised an eyebrow. "He obviously has been." The girl walked over and put her face in him. "You crushing on her isn't cute."

"I'm not," was uttered at the same time as Bambietta said, "he isn't."

The more busty female frowned. "Bambietta-chan. Why else would he be following you around?"

"He's my brother."

This caused a quiet. The smallest let out a sigh. "I wasn't aware that you have a younger brother. And isn't he a Shinigami."

"He's not a Shinigami, he's a Quincy."

Toshiro blinked a couple of times. The oldest girl laughed. "He seems as shocked as we are. He's dressed in the uniform Bamietta."

The busty female frowned. "Now that I think about it, his rieatsu does feel like that of a Quincy." This caused another silence. "Don't the rest of you notice? Actually, to be more precise his rieatsu feels like Bambietta-chan's or that Kurosaki persons rieatsu."

The older female turned her head to look at the boy. "You're right."

"What are you guys talking about?" Bambietta folded her arms across her chest. "And he isn't my little brother. He's my twin."

"Nuh-uh." The oldest girl shook her head. "He's smaller then you. His personality is not like yours either.

"Don't talk about my height!" Toshiro's rieatsu flared.

"Why not?"

"It's not my fault I'm short for my age!"

The youngest stared at him. "So... it is actaully possible for him to be your twin despite the fact he's short."


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