a.60 - First Person (Self Hate)

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I hate myself. I wake up each day and find myself having to look at myself in a mirror. I hate the way that I look, what with my snow white hair and my cold teal eyes. My icy personality is etched into my looks. The only reason I look at myself is because I have to look in the mirror to make sure I look presentable. It is bad enough that I look the way I do. It's bad enough the way I look is also amplified by my childish appearance.

I should clarify something here. If I didn't Hyorinmaru would be correcting myself. I am a child, so it is logical that I have a childish appearance. The problem is I'm a child genius and have an adult job. I'm expected to act like an adult and present myself as an adult. Yet I look like a child and am a child. It's hard to get peoples respect.

Then again, I don't respect myself. I don't care if I live or die. I just want to protect what is important to me. And truth be told I can't even do that. I feel like such a fraud. Can anyone blame me for hating myself?

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