a.47 - 100-150 (Game Time)

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Toshiro held the piece of paper in his hand, his mouth twisting up. He knocked on the office door in his Shinigami uniform wondering why Yukio had invited him to this particular meeting in the world of the living. Yukio's voice told him to come in and he opened the door, expecting to be sent into that fullbringers fake world. Instead he had a controller shoved into his hands. "What is this?"

"A game controller. I invited you over to try out my new game."

"Why?" Toshiro glared, not pleased that his busy schedule had been interrupted.

"I thought we could be friends. It didn't seem like you really want to fight me."

"I'm not into childish things."

"That's why you've missed out on video games. Not all video games are childish. There are shooter games, zombie games. Could you at least give it a try?"


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