a.65 - A says of B (Toshiro and Momo - Siblings)

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Toshiro stood outside of Shinji's office looking at the ground, his throat tight and his hands clenched.

"Are you going to go in or not?" The boy's eyes darted up to look at the new... no... old captain of the f fifth division. "Well?"

"I'm not sure." Toshiro's head darted to the ground. "Whenever I try talking to her thinks don't go well."

"My fukutaicho?" The blond haired man scratched his head. "You know... the two of you have some kind of relationship, don't ya?"

"You talk like Ichimaru." The words came blurting out of Toshiro's mouth. The boy blinked a couple of times and quickly apologized for speaking out of turn. "She's my sister." The boy frowned suddenly. "I think."

"How can you not know if she is your sister?" Shinji let out a sigh. "She either is or she isn't."

"We're not blood related. We just... grew up with each other."

"Isn't that kind of bond supposed to be strong among those in the Rukongai?"

"It's supposed to be." The boy looked at the ground. "Truth be told..."

Shinji watched as the boy stopped speaking. "What is bothering you?"

"Hinamori and I used to be really close. Then she entered the academy and couldn't stop talking about him."

"She ignored you then?"

"Yes." The boy swallowed. "I think I was just someone to tell things to. I mean, she could have talked about her studies, or... anything else school related. All she talked about was him."

"What is your view point on the other two?"

"Hinamori doesn't like Ichimaru. She never did."

"I didn't ask how she felt about him."

"I honestly don't know. I don't know how I feel about anybody. Actually... I know that I like Kurosaki. I think it is what you would call friendship." Toshiro flinched suddenly as Shinji reached out and ruffled the boy's head of white hair. "Hey!"

"It's all right to form relationships with people. They're not always going to last. No... no relationships last. People move on, people die. It's part of life." Shinji then moved passed the boy to go into the office. "Don't worry about whether you still have a relationship with Momo-chan. She's the one who should be approaching you, not the other way around. Let her figure out what she's missing out on."

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