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De Shinigamis y cielos by AndreaPena5
De Shinigamis y cielosby Andrea Pena
Sawada Tsunayoshi es un chico sumamente Protector, y a pesar de su constante sonrisa es de mal genio cuando se enoja. Gran AU. Tsuna es Ichigo! Un poco de Genderbend po...
  • kurosakimasaki
  • shibaisshin
  • sawadaiemitsu
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Bound to Him [Bleach Aizen Sousuke FanFiction] by _shiro_usagi_
Bound to Him [Bleach Aizen Sousuke...by Jane Sakura
Fujinami Hikari. A fifteen year old girl who had a health issue. Ever since she was a child, she was frequently had to returned to the hospital because of her weak condi...
  • fanfiction
  • aizenxoc
  • bleach
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I'm A Fallen (Kurosaki Ichigo X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
I'm A Fallen (Kurosaki Ichigo X Re...by Natasha Tasyaar
L/N Y/N is what humans know as a Fallen. What is a Fallen? They are angels banned from the heaven, which forces them to live with the humans in the land of the living. ...
  • sado
  • fallen
  • inoue
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Ichigo x reader Stay With Me?  by Libby_ls
Ichigo x reader Stay With Me? by Libby✏️❣️🏒💫
You're just a 15 year old girl with a 12 year old brother who moved to Karakura town. What you didn't know is many people are after you, and so is a boy your age. But he...
  • ichigokurosaki
  • kurosaki
  • bleach
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Pride (IchiRuki Fanfiction) 💗 by AgressiveBiatch57
Pride (IchiRuki Fanfiction) 💗by SmartCreature
To all of us who think that Bleach should have ended differently. IchiRuki 4ever. #ichiruki❤️
  • kuchikirukia
  • kurosakiichigo
  • fanfiction
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The New Shinigami In Seireitei by anigllee
The New Shinigami In Seireiteiby Ani Georgieva
It's a normal day in Karakura town. Karin is playing soccer with her friends. She's about to start her second year in high school but her spiritual pressure and energy a...
  • anime
  • kurosakikarin
  • hitsugayatoshiro
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Whisper | #WATTYS 2017 by sabrina_d_
Whisper | #WATTYS 2017by Insomniacpsycho
"What the hell.... am I getting myself into?" 16 year old Ami just moved to Karakura to live with her cousin, Ichigo and his family. There's fight, love, hate...
  • ichimaru
  • soulreaper
  • wattys2017
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Lifeless by mtx829
Lifelessby mtx829
When he found her, she had no idea who he was. But he was dead sure who she was. Story mostly focused on Kurosaki Karin. The experience of her afterlife Time: set in the...
  • kurosakikarin
  • toshiroxkarin
  • hitsugaya
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A Shinigami's Soulmate Ribbon ;; Ichigo Kurosaki x Reader by katsukifangirl2004
A Shinigami's Soulmate Ribbon ;; I...by ꒰ 🥀 ꒱ ➝ ℰ .࿐ ˎˊ˗
All souls are born with a ribbon attached to them that show what type of being they are. They're mostly white, but a Shinigami's spirit ribbon is red, that's what makes...
  • readerinsert
  • ichigokurosakixreader
  • soulmate
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Love or not? by XxdiamondcreeperxX
Love or not?by Hichigo
Don't know yet
  • itsaidineeded5
  • idk
  • bleach
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Confection Confessions by living-paradox
Confection Confessionsby Rei Cn
Published on Fanfiction.net in January 2014, Published on devianART in February 2014 . . . Summary: Urahara has a new candy experiment. Karin's having fun poking her nos...
  • kurosakikarin
  • hitsukarin
  • toshirohitsugaya
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The blade's truth (Bleach) by ChrissyNguyen13
The blade's truth (Bleach)by The chef hat
I never thought of seeing things an human eye can't see. I can see them(hollows), they are scary but, he saved me(Zangetsu). It turns out I can see shinigami's, ghost...
  • hichigo
  • gotei13
  • rukia
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Bitter Moon (Grimmhime) by Tea-Addict9790
Bitter Moon (Grimmhime)by Dalley 💕
Orihime never imagined herself to fall in love with an arrancar. Moreover an Espada. She found Grimmjow collapsed on the streets and healed him completely with care, onl...
  • kurosakiichigo
  • bleach
  • fanfiction
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Nozomi X Ichigo One-Shot by Skullz_Kujosaki_NZ31
Nozomi X Ichigo One-Shotby 『ғʟᴀʀᴇ ᴢᴀɴʀʏᴜɢᴇ』
It's been months since the death of Kujo Nozomi, everything was back to normal except for Kurosaki Ichigo, would deeply fell in love with the Mod-Soul. After one night...
  • kujoxkurosaki
  • rareshipping
  • ichigokurosaki
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Blind As a Bat by -Booyakasha-
Blind As a Batby Prince L'Oréal of the Galra E...
He had done it. Eight years after his death, Ulquiorra Cifer resurrected himself using his regeneration powers. He has been given a second chance at life. The only catch...
  • ulquiorracifer
  • cifer
  • orihime
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Fanfictions by _johannchantal
Fanfictionsby C
(REQUESTS ARE ACCEPTED) self-explanatory title. :) 1. The drunken encounter - ByaIchi fanfic Upcoming fanfics: 2. The night we met - KuroTsuki 3. The king & his sun - K...
  • haikyuufanfiction
  • bleachfanfiction
  • byakuyakuchiki
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strive • bleach by nicevibe
strive • bleachby jaiden
Locked away in the lowest cell of the Maggot's Nest for one hundred years, a young woman is granted asylum, and allowed to return to the Soul Society. The only problem i...
  • soulsociety
  • anime
  • nicevibe
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Surprise! Halloween Party at Ichi's! | BLEACH IchiHitsu by BWTempestaEn
Surprise! Halloween Party at Ichi'...by Bwing-senpai
Three intruders, a kind of weird Halloween eve, lots and LOTS of sugar and sake. "Don't you dare, Kurosaki- GET OFF ME!" "Yes, YES YOU DARE, C'MON ICHI...
  • ichihitsu
  • hitsugayatoushiro
  • boyxboy
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Sea of Red [ Byakuya Kuchiki X Reader ] by Forbzies
Sea of Red [ Byakuya Kuchiki X Rea...by Maddie
" How sad [first name] that you do not even recognize your own Soul"
  • romance
  • naruto
  • animeworld
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Love [Completed] by viv6220
Love [Completed]by V.Alexander
Aizen Sosuke reflects on his love, kurosaki Ichigo.
  • kurosakiichigo
  • aizensosuke
  • reflection
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