a.83: Finding Something (Father)

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Two teal eyes lit up upon seeing the figure crouched unconscious in the crevice. The child taicho set out to explore the place after defeating a major hollow as there was indications it had attacked someone. The boy slid down and nudged the silver haired man's shoulder while Shinji and Kensei watched in shock. The ninth division taicho wasn't pleased. "How can he go up to Gin-kun like that? I mean... is he really that naïve?"

"He is... but I don't think that is the case this time."

Two pale teal eyes shot open and a hand shot out and gripped the child's shoulder only to relax upon seeing the small taicho's face. "Why... are... you grinning?"

"You're alive. Welcome home Ichimaru?"

"Why are you so pleased to see me?"

The boy blinked a couple of times as a look of shock spread across his face. "I honestly don't know."

"So like you..." The man looked past the boy to the two taicho. He didn't say much more as he lacked the strength, but his eyes said he wasn't too thrilled.

Kensei stepped forward and hoisted him over his shoulder as he tried remaining conscious, only for him to fall unconscious. He woke again in the medical unit to see the boy over top of him, excited that he was awake. "Shiro-chan..." He watched as the boy startled. "What are you doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's obvious you're happy to see me. Why?"

"I don't know. Matsumoto wants to kill you."

Gin sighed. "I don't blame her. Has it crossed your mind that I am not someone you should be around?"


"I'm a bad guy."


Gin blinked a couple of times as the answer should be obvious. "I betrayed Soul Society."

"Matsumoto says you turned on Aizen."

"Yes... but..." The man paused. "What about Tosen?"

"He's dead."

"That isn't what I meant. Would you be happy to see him like you are me?"

"No. He's boring."

"So it really hasn't crossed your mind that I'm not a good person to be around?"

"Why would it when it hasn't happened before?" The boy's face twisted up into a frown. "Well... except for the time that you tried to kill me."

"So you do understand that I tried to kill you."

The boy's face twisted even more before giving his response. "I know that you tried to kill me, but I don't understand why."

"Why wouldn't I want to kill you?"

"You never did before."


"And you never tried to hurt me before either."

"Shiro-chan... did you ever once get a vibe from me that you shouldn't be near me? I mean, you did hear what people said about me."

The boy frowned. "I did understand what they said about you, but it never made any sense. If you were a psychopath like they said you were, wouldn't I have gotten a different vibe off of you."


"Stop trying to convince him otherwise." Shinji spoke. "I know."

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