a.50 - Exactly 199 (Thirteenth Sue)

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"Why is she the new fukutaicho?" Kiyone crossed her arms in annoyance.

"I know." Her fellow third seat was equally upset.

"It should have been Rukia," both said in unison.

"Not to mention the fact nobody knows where she came from."

The female in question simply beamed at them as she sat next to the taicho of the thirteenth division. "I know that it is going to take some getting used to, the fact I'm the new fukutaicho. I hope that we all can be friends."

"I hope a hollow eats her." Kiyone grumbled.

Her fellow third seat looked at the female with a rather sick look in his face. "That would make the hollow sick I think. Do we really wish that on a hollow?"

Both looked at each other and spoke in unison. "Yes."

"Come now. Surely I'm qualified for the position."

"Ha! Even if you were qualified for the position, you're missing one important thing." Kiyone pointed at her.

"And what might that be?"

"A relationship with our taicho." Kiyone's fellow third seat said.

"Why would I have a romantic interest in our taicho?"

Kiyone snapped. "Any kind of relationship!"

"I think she's a major moron."

Note – Here is the background on this one. I never understood why people decided to make their OC the new fukutaicho of the thirteenth division except for the reason of having their OC have a cool position in the Gotei Thirteen. They didn't want their OC to fill the position of captain as that would mean Bankai and get their OC labeled a Mary Sue, so they took the only position left that was free.

Problem is the fact Tite Kubo threw out a lot of hints that Rukia was going to be the next fukutaicho. It felt weird that this unknown came in as well, not to mention the fact she was just given her powers and we were told she was awesome. Her personality ended up always being flat and didn't live up to the rank and paled in comparison to Rukia as well.

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