a.48 - Exactly 150 (Siblings)

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Isshin sat in his office quite pleased that the war was over. A knock came and he told the person to come in. Looking up he saw that it was Orihime. "What do I owe this visit to? I know I'm not your regular doctor."

"I'm depressed because Ichigo likes Rukia."

"So?" Isshin frowned at the girl.

"I kind of wished we could have been a married couple." Orihime's words caused the corner of Isshin's mouth to twitch. "I thought you would be a good person to talk to Mr. Kurosaki."

"Orihime..." The man swallowed. "Even if Ichigo didn't like Rukia it wouldn't be possible for you two to be together."

"I know. He's part Shinigami and lives in a different world."

"No... I mean the two of you are twins."

Orihime gave him a blank look, then slapped her leg. "You're funny Mr. Kurosaki. Thanks for cheering me up."

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