a.78.) Word (Jail)

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The jail cell was cold. Light filtered through the bars onto the ground. A small figure looked from the outside at the empty jail cell, his throat swallowing as he looked in at the place. A silver haired man had been there, but he was there no more. In fact... he had been there, waiting... having sent a message that he had something to say to the boy... that he wanted to say it before it was too late.

And now it was indeed to late.

The boy swallowed, wondering why the forty-six had moved to execute the man without letting anyone know they had come to this conclusion. Or did they simply move him and there was hope that he would be able to find the man? The boy swallowed again, the anxiety that had been slowly creeping up eating away at him. Hyorinmaru begged him to come and speak with the man before it was indeed to late, but in his stubbornness he had refused.

Of course... Rangiku had been adamant about him not going.

The boy turned to leave, the dark feelings he felt not going away as he stared at his feet. He found himself bumping into an adult male's chest. Looking up he expected to see the taicho of the sixth, or the taicho of the thirteenth... but not who he happened to see.


"I didn't freak you out kiddo by getting released like this?"


The man took a deep breath. "Because..." The man looked away. "... it doesn't really matter."

"It does to me."

"That they pardoned me?"

"No... that..." Toshiro paused, confusion spreading across his face.

"Serious question Shiro-chan... did you want them to pardon me?"

The child flinched. "No. I mean, I didn't want you to not be pardoned either. It's just... was justice served?"

"In my opinion no. I should at least still be in jail."

"I see."

"Do you?"

"That seems simple enough."

"I'm talking about you're feelings about... well, everything." The man sighed. "You came to see me like I asked, which means something in your mind feels that there is something to settle between the two of us."

"But what!" Toshiro suddenly snapped. "I ask myself if it's the fact you ran out on Matsumoto that bothers me, but that's not it. I ask myself if it's the way you used Hinamori, but that isn't it either."

"Isn't what bothers you the fact I ran out on you and used you."


"You know what I mean."

Toshiro snapped again. "I do not! You and I have no relationship!"

"We don't." The man's eyes were open, his mouth pulled into a frown. There came a pause. "No... I guess that's part of the problem. You and I should have a relationship, but we don't."

"Again! What does that mean!"

"You are the child of Matsumoto Rangiku and myself. What do you think this means." The man sighed. "Speak to you later when you're ready.

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