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Treasure (Ban X Reader) by YamiAlex
Treasure (Ban X Reader)by YamiAlex
Ban believes that he no longer has a reason to live... At least until he's met with a pair of (Eye Color) eyes. Perhaps it was the whims of a goddess or simply a twist o...
  • fluff
  • drabbles
  • ban
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[Ongniel Collection] Oh It's You... by GM_Goldenmoon
[Ongniel Collection] Oh It's ALIEN
(Not very slow but not really fast either UPDATE) [WARN! BXB AREA! HOMOPHOBIC SHOO GO AWAY!] Hanya sebuah koleksi dari Val (GM_Goldenmoon) yang memaksakan idenya keluar...
  • lgbt
  • ficlet
  • fluff
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The Notebook | Drabbles and Ficlets by Tweety_scribbles
The Notebook | Drabbles and Ficletsby MIKUN
A collection of deleted and aimlessly scribbled craps and ceratin drabbles on Shivika and Narbhi.
  • ishqbaaz
  • shivaay
  • ficlet
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Starless Nights || Drabbles & Ficlets by Priyanka011
Starless Nights || Drabbles & ₱ⱤłɎ₳₦₭₳
Cover Credit - @GS_Stella ● Starless Nights ● A collection of drabbles, ficlets, pocket stories and short stories. I am gonna post here some drabbles or few one shots fr...
  • romance
  • swasan
  • ficlets
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My Dearest Enemy - A Drarry Collection  by yesbocchan
My Dearest Enemy - A Drarry yesbocchan
Hello! Here you can find a compilation of independent Drarry ficlets and fanfics written by me (yesbocchan)! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading :)
  • harrypotter
  • fanfic
  • sfw
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[JAEYONG][FICLET/DRABBLE/CONVO] Mèo Nhỏ và Đào Tiên by andrew_choi
Xin chào tất cả các thần dân của Thành phố Neo (NCity) và các con chiên của JaeYong v(^ω^)v Cho mình xin phép được dài dòng 1 chút về bản thân, mình xuất thân là một EXO...
  • drabble
  • yoonoh
  • taeyong
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The tales of ishqbaaaz 😘II Drabbles n Ficlets by neha_loves_ishqbaaaz
The tales of ishqbaaaz 😘II neha dash
Get ready to enjoy the short glimpses from the life of our beloved obros , obahus and their little contains drabbles and ficlets...u all know about drabbles...
  • ishqbaaaz
  • obros
  • anshi
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❧10 Ways To Make Him Lust || Sebastian Michaelis☙ by AnadaNandei
❧10 Ways To Make Him Lust || KnivesChanel
[Name] wants the sexiest butler alive, Mister Michaelis, to want her as bad as she wants him. So what does any woman do when they don't have the answer to doing such a t...
  • xreader
  • romance
  • sebastianmichaelis
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I've Got You Under My Skin : Phanfic by mac-and-kenz
I've Got You Under My Skin : kenzie
AU in which pastel!Dan goes to a craft store where punk!Phil is employed. For acrisius.
  • phillester
  • danhowell
  • fluff
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Caller from Madrid • Drabbles/Ficlets by Chocoberryie
Caller from Madrid • Drabbles/ Riana
She dialed a wrong number unaware of the fact that whom she called is her would be husband ! Shivika | Drabble/Ficlet series (Less than 1000 words) & I can update anytim...
  • romance
  • foreign
  • drabbles
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Drarry one shots by StarsandSnows
Drarry one shotsby StarsandSnows
Just a couple Drarry one shots :)
  • harryxdraco
  • harrypotter
  • dracomalfoy
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Bispearl Oneshots by GamingBlur
Bispearl Oneshotsby GamingBlur
A collection of bispearl oneshots! some fluff and some angst These fics can also be found on my ao3 account :)
  • stevenuniverse
  • angst
  • firstcrush
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Jane and the Dragon Ficlets by kaikoanoa
Jane and the Dragon Ficletsby kaia
A collection of ficlets from my all time favorite show (right up there with Avatar: The Last Airbender [yeah, that's how good it is]), Jane and the Dragon. Watch the wh...
  • darkages
  • janeandthedragon
  • ficlets
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Tumblr Drabbles (open) by Halevetica
Tumblr Drabbles (open)by Halevetica
These are a collection of Sterek and Destiel drabbles requested from Tumblr. If you send me a gif from Supernatural or Teen wolf I write a small clip to go with it. If...
  • tw
  • superwolf
  • oneshot
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star writes things by findthestars_
star writes thingsby bob ross enthusiast
hello yes this is where im gonna put all my stories and oneshots and short fanfics & just generally yell into the void god help me
  • ficlets
  • oneshots
  • undertale
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C-137 FILES by MyCookiesArePeople
this is where i dump my c137cest trash arts and fanfics lol go ahead u sinners
  • lemon
  • rickmorty
  • ficlets
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Gay Oneshots by indiederry
Gay Oneshotsby Elisa
This is a prompt fic about Glee/ST/It/The Fosters/Degrassi. I just want to say that I do NOT write Finchel or Becky Jackson.I also do not write any non-con pairings lik...
  • fluff
  • glee
  • fack
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• sunshine on a cloudy day  by apondsmelody
• sunshine on a cloudy day by apondsmelody
[alternative universe] björn is a young aspiring songwriter, likes to have his own time sorting ideas at a local café....then one day a young lady comes in and that's wh...
  • âu
  • björnulvaeus
  • coffeeshop
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The Zsasz Hands by MelasMelos
The Zsasz Handsby A.T.G
A compilation of short stories about Victor Zsasz and the Zsaszettes, plots ranging from Humor, Family, and to Angst.
  • zsaszettes
  • violence
  • theusualgothammurderandgore
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Until We Meet Again by __13th
Until We Meet Againby Em
Thirteen years of waiting. Thirteen years with our memories. My letters to you. A ficlet dedicated to Wei Ying from Lan Zhan's perspective. DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-mad...
  • bl
  • angst
  • mystery
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