a.87 - ABC Once (Therapy)

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Isane stared at the two children while the Quincy girl and Shinigami boy refused to look each other in the eye. "Do you two know why you're here?"

"Just because..." Bambietta avoided saying what she really thought."

Toshiro's voice was exasperated. "People want the Quincy and Shinigami to get along."

There came a very long pause. "She obviously hates me. It's not going to work."

"What do you mean I hate you?"

"You hate Shinigami. I am a Shinigami."

"Actually... this has to deal with the fact you were both turned into zombies. We figured you two could open up more with someone else who went through the same thing."

"Wait..." Bambietta's head darted up. "This has nothing to do with us being siblings.

"What..." Toshiro's head darted up as well.

Isane sighed. The counseling session wasn't going as planned.

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