a.98 - Over Half (Childish Prejudice)

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"I think the taicho of the tenth division is weird. It is hard to believe that he happens to be a taicho despite being the same age as us. Plus... I've heard rumors about he happens to act towards people. You would think that a kid in such a position wouldn't act so childish."

"That isn't very nice Shino."

"Why should I care about being nice to him. He's obviously a spoiled brat. I've seen how he looks down upon us Ryunosuke. If he wasn't such a snit then he would actually try and spend some time with those of us his age. He doesn't. He thinks he's better then us."

"Um... Shino."

"He's such..."



Ryunosuke pointed towards the white haired youth watching him. The boy then stepped away. "He heard you."

"So? He just proved me right."

"Hitsugaya Taicho isn't the way you think he is." The two turned to see Hanataro speaking to them. "He doesn't try making friends because of how people have judged him in the past. He's afraid of being rejected by people."

Ryunosuke sighed. "See Shino. You jumped to conclusions."

"Yes... well... how come Han

a-chan knows about all of this."

"I don't know." Hanataro looked at the sky. "I guess perhaps it has to do with the fact Unohana specifically tasked me with keeping an eye out for him."

Shino scoffed. "Really? A taicho who needs to be babysat?"

"He is still a kid. He may be super smart, but his social skills are lacking. You two really should give him a chance." Hanataro turned and walked away.

"He's right you know."

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