a.10 - Over 150 (Toshiro's Childhood)

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The fire flickers

As the child kneels nearby

His teal eyes taking in everything

His hands grasping his knees

The fire flickers reflected in his eye

His attention drawn in deeply

The butterfly flutters

As the child kneels nearby

A quiet breeze blows past him

The smell of a springtime wind

The butterfly flutters to and through

Him watching it land on flowers

The stones colors

As the child kneels nearby

Picking it up in his small hand

Twisting it back and forth and around

Examining carefully the stones colors

Before placing into a pocket

The sun sets

As the child sits nearby

His hands in his small lap

His eyes gazing intentionally on the site

The sun sets its colors on his face

Causing his cheeks to warm

The snowflake falls

Ash the child stands nearby

His eyes staring up at the sky

Watching as it flutters on down

The snowflake falls on matching hair

The child feels no sense of chill

The stars shine

The child stands nearby

His small hands reaching out

Up towards the great expanse

The stars shine like his eyes

Hoping for a dream and future

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