a.53 - Exactly 250 (Eat It)

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Toshiro glared at Hisagi Shuhei as the man placed the dish of food in front of him. "I'm expected to eat this."

The man with the number tattoo on his face glared at him. "You're under orders from Unohana to eat a very specific diet and she placed me in charge. Do you have issues with eating healthy food?"

"That's not it." The boy looked at the food in front of him, picking up a soggy green item with his chopsticks. "It's green and it's slimy."

"It's spinach. It has a good deal of nutrients for you that you need. I did cook it with meat to give it flavor and the dish is over rice as well which should take care of the issue with it being on the moist side of things."

"You saying it's moist instead of slimy is your way of trying to get me to eat this stuff."

"Could you at least try it Hitsugaya Taicho? You and I both don't want to get on Unohana Taicho's bad side."

"Why can't Matsumoto make me stuff to eat like she usually does?" The boy complained.

"First... she doesn't always feed you the stuff you should be eating in an attempt to get you to eat. Second, she's in the world of the living. If I wasn't cooking for you then you wouldn't eat at all until you get sick and then you really wouldn't eat the right foods."

Toshiro reluctantly took a bite. "This isn't bad."

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