c.1 - Over 1000 (Brotherly Love)

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It is the job of the older brother

To protect their younger siblings

It doesn't matter how hard it is

The older brother shall protect

With everything his soul has got

Those siblings younger then him

This is the job of the older brother

A hand reaches out for the younger

Holding on strong and not letting go

Not wanting to let go their grasp

The feeling of protectiveness unwavering

The feelings of love pushing through

Fight to protect, protect by fighting

That is the job of the older brother

Sometimes things don't work out

There are things that can't be beaten

That can't be chased away at all

Things that are not physical problems

But instead the emotional kind

That forces myself to watch aside

Trying to think of the words to say

The sibling bond of blood bonds

And the sibling bond of soul bonds

Watching them hurting so much

It can be hard to take into heart

The pain and suffering the have

As you watch them trying their best

They try so much on their own

The worst yet is that child

The one with the icy teal eyes

The one that pushes so hard

To be something he's not at all

The one that pulls all emotions

Into the inside of himself

The one that never cries

And yet one know he does cry

That inwardly he hurts so much

That he doesn't want to share

Those feelings of pain to anyone

He tried putting up barriers

He tried pushing one away

He tried everything to deny

Yet there he is eating up the bond

Craving it even more time passing

There is an ache in his teal eyes

Craving the sibling affection

Wanting what he happened to lose

Scared to bring down the barriers

Scared to get anywhere close

His small body tries acting grownup

His mind trying to comprehend

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